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Interim payment now available

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A new interim income support measure, the Veteran Payment, is now available to veterans who cannot work and are experiencing financial pressures while awaiting liability decisions on mental health.

The Veteran Payment has been available to eligible veterans (and, where relevant, their partners) since 1 May 2018.

A separate package of new support services for veterans’ families came online that same day (see ‘Better support for families’ at right).

The Government has allocated $16.1 million over four years to introduce the new Veteran Payment, which is one of a suite of measures to address concerns highlighted in the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade References Committee’s report, The Constant Battle: Suicide by Veterans.

The Veteran Payment provides interim income support to veterans who have lodged a liability claim for a mental health condition under the Military, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004 or the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation (Defence-related Claims) Act 1988 and are incapable of working more than eight hours per week.

The amount received by individuals depends on their income and assets (including those of their partner), with a maximum rate of $981.30 per fortnight for single persons and $764.30 per fortnight each for members of a couple.

To be eligible for the Veteran Payment, an individual’s (or couple’s) income and assets must be below the limits outlined in the tables below.

Eligible renters may also receive Rent Assistance and those with dependent children may apply to receive Family Tax Benefit Part A through the Department of Human Services without having to satisfy the income test.

While receiving the payment, the veteran will have to participate in a DVA rehabilitation program if they are able to do so.

New sections have been added to the appropriate forms allowing veterans to indicate whether they wish to receive the Veteran Payment. Veterans who have already submitted a claim for a mental health condition have been contacted by DVA.

For more information about the Veteran Payment, see Factsheet IS189 – Veteran Payment Overview, or call 1800 555 254.

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