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Department’s online services soon to be available to veterans, families via myGov

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Veterans and their families will soon be able to lodge claims and update their contact details with DVA online by logging into myGov.

Veterans and their families will soon be able to access DVA online services using one login and password at the Australian Government’s myGov website (

DVA is connecting all its online services to myGov to expand self-service options. The initiative is part of its program to modernise and streamline services.

myGov is a secure way to access government services online with one login and one password. Users can link a range of government services to their myGov account in addition to DVA. These include the Child Support Agency, Medicare, the Australian Taxation Office, Centrelink, My Health Record and My Aged Care.

MyService was originally a pilot to explore different ways for veterans and their advocates to make their claims online. It will become DVA’s new online channel.

MyService replaces a 36-question paper claim form with an intuitive channel that asks as few as three questions. It is a simpler and faster way for veterans and their families to interact with DVA online while still having access to DVA staff for support.

MyService will soon be open to all veterans and their families. It is currently only available to veterans with a PMKeyS number.

With more than 5,000 registered clients, initial results have shown that claims lodged through MyService are processed in around a third of the time taken compared to the standard, paper-based process.

Moving to myGov

Service What is it? How is it changing?


MyAccount - Your DVA services online

DVA’s first online transaction platform, launched in 2011 to allow veterans and their families to update their details online, view payments and book medical transport among other features.

Accessible via myGov soon. Features to be moved to the MyService platform over the next 12 months before MyAccount is phased out altogether.


MyService Beta

Initially a pilot program, allows veterans and their families to lodge claims with DVA online quickly and easily. Currently only veterans with a PMKeyS number can use it.

Becoming DVA’s new online channel accessible via myGov soon. Will also be extended to allow veterans (including those without a PMKeyS number) to access online services. This will allow families and students receiving support through DVA’s Education Schemes to submit claims and lodge supporting documents for Education Allowance online.


myGov logo

A secure way to access Australian Government services such as Medicare, Centrelink, the ATO and soon DVA online with one login and one password.

Set to become the key entry point for veterans and their families to interact with DVA online.

Paper-based forms

Paper-based forms logo - three sheets of paper stacked on top of each other.

Available via the DVA website, in person at a Veterans’ Access Network office or by post on request.

Remain available, but once DVA services are available via myGov, will no longer be needed for those who prefer to deal with DVA online.

Once registered with myGov, veterans and their families will soon be able to link to DVA to access DVA online services.

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