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If you would like your book featured in off the shelf, notices must not exceed 150 words in length. You are not required to send a copy of your book or extracts. Photos and book covers will not be featured. Not all notices can be featured due to space. Email or post your concisely written notice to GPO Box 9998 Canberra, ACT 2601.

Creyke, Robin & Sutherland, Peter: Veterans’ Entitlements and Military Compensation Law (Third Edition)

This book is devoted to the law on veterans’ entitlements and military compensation in Australia. The book comprehensively annotates the Veterans’ Entitlements Act 1986 and, in this 3rd edition, for the first time annotates the new unified military compensation scheme introduced by the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004.

The 3rd edition covers all of the recent major reports into the veterans’ law and military compensation system and includes annotations of all relevant High Court, Federal Court and Administrative Appeals Tribunal decisions on the two Acts. The book is an invaluable reference for all those assisting veterans to obtain their entitlements to the pensions and benefits available to those who have served their country, be they ex-service organisations, tribunal members, legal practitioners or departmental officials.

May be ordered direct from SoftLaw Community Projects (Direct Order Price $140, Concession Price for ESOs $120, plus $11 P&H;, PO Box 442, Civic Square ACT 2608).

Wilson, Louise: Brothers in Arms: The Great War Letters of Captain Nigel Boulton, RAMC and Lieutenant Stephen Boulton, AIF

This book fills gaps in the historiography of the Great War and is a valuable first-hand account of what it was like to serve as an Australian doctor under British command in the Royal Army Medical Corps (Captain Nigel Boulton) and an artillery gunner, later commissioned as an officer in the Australian Infantry Forces (Lieutenant Stephen Boulton).

Each of the Boulton brothers praises the stamina of the Australian soldiers: ‘They are the very devil as far as fighting goes and fight till the last man…our chaps have behaved magnificently and are so cheerful and brave…the English chaps are positively amazed at the Australians…they are the most magnificent men they have ever seen’. But Stephen also adds his opinion of Billy Hughes’ 1916 Australian conscription referendum: ‘If he only gives the troops over here a vote, I know what will win’. The original letters are held in the Australian War Memorial.

Available from the author's website  $39.95. 426 pages, paperback.

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