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  • Cover: Epidemiological Cut-Off Feasibility Study
    Overview: This project was commissioned to add to the field of research arising from the Mental Health in the Australian Defence Force: 2010 Australian Defence Force Mental Health Prevalence and Wellbeing Study (MHPWS).

Mental health

  • Overview: This study focuses on how families are faring at two of the major stages of a military career: during service, and in the first years after the transition to civilian life. An additional focus is how differing types of family members are faring — spouses/partners, adult children and parents.
  • Cover image: Mental Health Prevalence and Pathways to Care Summary Report
    Overview: This report investigates the prevalence of 12-month and lifetime mental disorders, trauma exposure, suicidal ideation and self-reported mental health symptoms among Transitioned ADF members.
  • Image of the cover of Pathways to Care Report
    Overview: This report complements the first report, Mental Health Prevalence, which explored the prevalence of 12-month and lifetime mental disorder in the Transitioned ADF and compared self-reported symptoms in Transitioned ADF with 2015 Regular ADF members.
  • Review of DVA Dental and Allied Health Arrangements – Final Report
    Overview: As part of the 2015-16 Budget, the Australian Government committed the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) to review its dental and allied health funding arrangements.

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