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Towards 2020 - Future State Plan

Future state: Seamless transition from ADF and circumstances driven services are client focused strategies. Simpler and faster access and partnering for efficiency are connected strategies. Tailored and coordinated support is the responsive strategy.

Towards 2020 - Seamless Transition from ADF

Client payments and services will be in place before the member separates from the ADF. Transition services, including tailored solutions for health and rehabilitation, employment, education and relocation of the veteran and family members, will be fully engaged before separation and will continue via integrated support from Government and community based providers and organisations.

Towards 2020 - Circumstance Driven Services

A consolidated view of client information will ensure eligible clients are provided with payments and services based on individual circumstances as they arise, and without the need for a claim. ADF service records will map to risk profiles within legislatively derived rules bases to automate the determination of payments and services, where appropriate.

Towards 2020 - Tailored and Coordinated Support

A flexible whole-of-life approach will ensure clients can access all necessary and reasonable supports, as and when required. High care needs clients will be identified before crises occur, and their immediate and ongoing needs will be addressed in a timely and effective manner. Compliance and service standards will be assured through appropriate system design and provision of training and other support to providers.

Towards 2020 - Simpler and Faster Access

Digital services will provide for faster provision of payments and will connect clients with services from Government and providers. Simplified access will reduce the need for third party representation. DVA will review and seek to amend legislation to better align and support change to enable automated determinations.

Towards 2020 - Partnering for Efficiency

Payments and services will be delivered nationally to clients and providers via an integrated whole-of-government framework. Service delivery design will be clientcentric and collaborative, involving clients, providers and Government. Partnerships with community-based organisations and other levels of government will be fostered and leveraged to deliver the most cost effective and appropriate services. Colocating with other organisations will occur to increase service effectiveness and reduce costs.

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