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Overview of the Corporate Plan

The following diagram depicts the key elements of this corporate plan and how they link to the achievement of DVA's purpose.

Overview of the corporate plan

Key elements:

  • Towards 2020 - Provides an overview of DVA's key strategies, initiatives and priorities to continue to improve service delivery and Policy development
  • Plan on a page - Summary of how DVA will plan to meet its obligations through its programs, activities and strategies to fulfil its purpose
  • Performance - Performance indicators to measure DVA's success in achieving its purpose
  • Capability and Enabling Services - DVA's plan to meet the service delivery needs of the agency and the performance indicators to determine success

These four key elements (Towards 2020, Plan on a page, Performance and Capability and Enabling Services) are influenced by the factors influencing our operating environment and how we manage our risks. All of these elements link to the achievement of DVA's purpose.

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