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Organisational Capability

The DVA ICT, workforce and financial strategies set out a plan to ensure DVA has the capabilities and resources required to enable the organisation to fulfil its purpose. The strategies set out a number of objectives to help DVA manage its changing environment and challenges as well as supporting the organisation to address opportunities. DVA’s organisational capability will be improved through the:

ICT Strategy

  • Design of a DVA transformation program to support the organisation to achieve a more client-focused and responsive organisation, efficiently delivering high-quality, connected services, to all generations of clients. 
  • Services that will be geared toward smarter delivery, better access to services, in line with the whole-of-government ICT and digital services strategies.
  • Development of smarter interfaces to sit over existing legacy systems, until such time as they can be replaced.
  • Efficiencies gained through Commonwealth partnering as well as community and industry collaboration.

Workforce Strategy

  • Building the capabilities our leaders will need to lead people into the future. 
  • Creating a rewarding, responsive and high-performance environment.
  • Investing in our learning. 
  • Being a diverse organisation people want to join and stay a part of.
  • Increased focus on change management strategies to lead staff through a concentrated period of reform.

Financial Strategy

  • Enabling financial management practices that will seek to manage and maintain DVA’s financial sustainability and assist in meeting service delivery requirements and the Government’s commitment. 
  • Continue to seek sustainable practices that include efficiencies through the whole-of-government agenda, including contestability, digitisation and shared service delivery.
  • Identify areas for process improvement to enable DVA’s ability to focus on being responsive and client-focused. 

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