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Organisational chart

DVA organisational chart

  • Secretary 
    Simon Lewis, PSM
    • Deputy Secretary/Chief Operating Officer 
      Liz Cosson AM, CSC 
      • Rehabilitation & Support
        First Assistant Secretary
        Lisa Foreman
        • Grants & Advocacy Policy
          Assistant Secretary
          Amber Vardos A/g
        • Compensation & Income Support Policy
          Assistant Secretary
          Mark Harrigan
        • Rehabilitation Policy
          Assistant Secretary
          Edel Kairouz
      • Health & Community Services
        First Assistant Secretary
        Veronica Hancock A/g
      • Provider Engagement and Assurance
        Assistant Secretary
        Paolo Kraushaar A/g
      • H & CS Programme Management 
        Assistant Secretary
        Robyn Kemp
      • H & CS Policy 
        Assistant Secretary
        Alison Hale A/g
      • Mental & Social Health
        Assistant Secretary
        Kym Connolly A/g
      • Business Support
        First Assistant Secretary
        Narelle Dotta
        • People & Security
          Assistant Secretary
          Roger Winzenberg 
        • Finance & Property 
          Assistant Secretary/Chief Finance Officer
          Graeme Rochow
        • Parliamentary, Governance & Information
          Assistant Secretary
          Liane Pettitt
      • Transformation and Engagement
        First Assistant Secretary
        Kate Pope, PSM
        • Project Management Office
          Executive Director
          Matt McKeon
        • Communications & Engagement
          Assistant secretary
          Alex Gerrick
        • Veteran Centric Reform Implementation
          Assistant Secretary
          Richard Magor
        • Digital and DVA Transformation
          Assistant Secretary
          Larissa Hinds A/g (DHS)
      • Principal Medical Adivser
        Dr Ian Gardner
      • Principal Legal Advisor
        Assistant Secretary
        Carolyn Spiers
      • Organinsational Change
        Assistant Secretary
        Kylie Perrin
      • Portfolio, Program & Assurance
        Assistant Secretary
        Neil Bayles
      • Shared Services
        Assistant Secretary
        Andrea Jones
    • Deputy President 
      Craig Orme DSC, AM, CSC
      • Client & Commemorations
        First Assistant Secretary
        John Fely
        • Client Access
          Deputy Commissioner QLD
          Leanne Cameron
        • Service Access
          Assistant Secretary
          Tim Evans
        • Commemorations and War Graves
          National Manager
          Ken Corke
        • Office of Australian War Graves
        • Deputy Commissioner NT
          Meghan Bailey
      • Claims & Operations
        Deputy Commissioner VIC
        John Geary
        • Primary Claims & Reconsiderations
          Deputy Commissioner NSW/ACT
          John Sadeik A/g
        • Rehabilitation & Benefits
          Deputy Commissioner WA
          Peter King
        • Income Support
          Deputy Commissioner SA
          Janice Silby
        • Business Improvement & Support
          Assistant Secretary
          Michelle Glanville A/g
        • Deputy Commissioner TAS
          Luke Brown
    • Commissioner
      Major General Mark Kelly, AO, DSC
      • Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service (VVCS)
        National Manager
        Dr Stephanie Hodson, CSC
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