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The Department of Veterans’ Affairs is committed to providing CALD clients with equitable access to services, and ensuring that barriers for all clients in accessing services are effectively addressed.

Minimum obligations

3.1 Performance indicators and reporting: Department or agency to develop a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) relating to engagement with, or outcomes of services to, culturally and linguistically diverse clients.

3.2 Feedback: Department or agency to have arrangements in place to ensure affected culturally and linguistically diverse communities are able to provide feedback on department or agency multicultural access and equity performance.

  Action Responsibility Timeline Target
3.1 Performance indicators and reporting
Within the life of this AMP the Department will commence work on developing a set of KPIs relating to multicultural engagement and services.
Client and Communication Branch. July 2014 Data on CALD groups within the Department’s client base (4.2) will have been collected and analysed enabling the Department to determine what KPIs are necessary.
  KPIs will be determined by monitoring CALD trends within the DVA client base, but may include -
  • number of ex-service and defence community bodies consulted for data collection
  • use of translation and interpreter services
  • complaints received from CALD clients regarding access and equity
Client and Communication Branch. July 2015 KPIs in place, used to assess previous two years activity. .KPIs will be published on the DVA website as they are developed.
3.2 Feedback
The Department will create an email address and reporting functionality to enable cultural and linguistic diverse groups to offer feedback though the current feedback systems in place.
Complaints feedback team September 2013 Setup and monitor diversity email mailbox -
  The Department will also develop procedures to enable feedback relating to CALD issues to be tracked through the Department’s feedback system. Complaints feedback team July 2014

July 2015

Integration of diversity feedback into CMFS system witht he ability to track complaints regarding diversity issues

Full diversity feedback integration with existing feedback framework

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