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The Department of Veterans’ Affairs is open and accountable about its interactions and responsiveness to the needs of its clients. It will ensure that all obligations around reporting information around the AMP and CALD Clients are met.

Minimum obligations

6.1 Publishing: Department or agency to publish AMPs on department or agency websites and performance reports against KPIs for culturally and linguistically diverse clients in department or agency annual reports.

6.2 Data: Department or agency to make culturally and linguistically diverse data available to other departments or agencies and the public.

  Action Responsibility Timeline Target
6.1 Publishing
The Department’s AMP will be published on its website.
Client and Communication Branch 1 July 2013 AMP published on website
  As KPIs are developed they will be reported in the Department’s annual report. Annual Report Team July 2014 Agreed KPIs will be reported in the Department's annual report as they are developed.
6.2 Data
The Department will make available all CALD data it collects to other agencies and the public.
Service Development and Defence Relations Branch. July 2014 Data on CALD groups within the Department's client base will have been collected and analysed and shared with other relevant agencies.
  Data will be included in the Department's annual report, and displayed on the website with other AMP information. Client and Communication Branch July 2014 All relevant data collected will be available through the Department's annual report and website.
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