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The Department’s core business is supporting the ex service community and ensuring that this group receives the support it requires. The Department needs to ensure that if CALD groups within this client base are not receiving adequate support changes are made to assist these groups.

Minimum obligations

1.1 Executive accountability: Department or agency to assign a Senior Executive Officer to be responsible for implementation of multicultural access and equity obligations.

1.2 Department or agency commitment: Department or agency leadership to ensure that staff understand and are committed to multicultural access and equity implementation.

   Action Responsibility Timeline Target
1.1 Executive Accountability
First Assistant Secretary Dave Chalmers is DVA’s Multicultural Champion and is responsible for implementation of the policy obligations.
Secretary April 2013 Appointment of Multicultural Champion
  Throughout the AMP process Multicultural Access and Equity leaders will be nominated from different business areas as they are required. Multicultural Champion July 2013 (ongoing) Appointment of Multicultural Access and Equity leaders
1.2 Department or agency commitment
An internal note (Businessline) will be sent to all staff advising about the Department’s AMP and detailing the actions underway to meet the obligations.
Client and Communication Branch. July 2013 Businessline to be sent.
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