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MyService Beta - frequently asked questions

What information will I need to register with MyService?

Use your PMKeyS number and either your driver’s licence or Medicare card to register with MyService. This removes the need to go through the existing paper-based proof of identity process.

Why does MyService beta use the word ‘cover’ instead of ‘claim’?

When DVA spoke to users it found that future health and treatment was a number one priority. During initial testing of MyService the word ‘cover’ tested well with users. If you have feedback on the use of the word ‘cover’ please email us.

Will my claim be assessed even though this is only a trial of MyService?

Yes. Your request for cover will be assessed like all other claims made to DVA.

Am I eligible to use MyService?

Initially MyService is only available to current and former Australian Defence Force members who enlisted after 30 June 2004.

I am not eligible to use MyService. How do I lodge a claim?

If you do not meet the eligibility criteria to use MyService, you can complete an online form on the Department of Veterans’ Affairs website, lodge a claim on MyAccount or submit a paper form.

I decided to use MyService but changed my mind before requesting cover. What happens to my details now?

If you register for MyService but choose not to submit a request for cover, you will still be able to access MyService but you will not be authenticated as a DVA client until you submit a request for cover. Any un-submitted claims will be deleted after 14 days of inactivity.

Can I use my MyAccount or MyGov login details to access MyService?

As this is a trial, MyService is not currently linked to MyAccount or MyGov. This means you will still need to complete the MyService registration process if you are an existing DVA client or use MyAccount or MyGov.

Will the progress of my MyService request for cover show up on my MyAccount?

Yes. If you already have MyAccount your request for cover using MyService will appear once registered.

Will I receive updates on the progress of my request for cover?

Once you have submitted your request for cover, your claims assessor will get in touch with you. There is currently no tracker built into MyService.

I was unable to register for MyService online, what can I do now?

First check to make sure the details you have entered are correct. This includes matching your name exactly as shown on your Medicare card or licence. If you are still having issues please email us.

Alternatively, you can complete an online form on DVA’s website, lodge a claim on MyAccount or submit a paper form.

I’ve already completed the proof of identity process with DVA, do I need to do it again to register with MyService?

Yes. While this trial is underway, MyService is not linked with DVA systems, MyAccount or MyGov so you will need to complete the proof of identity process again to create your account. 

To register for MyService all you will need to enter is your PMKeyS number, date of enlistment and either your driver’s licence or Medicare card details.

Will I receive MyService account details straight away?

 If you register during business hours, you will receive an email within a few minutes confirming your MyService account details. If you register outside business hours this may still happen but there may also be a delay until the next business day if some systems are unavailable.

Can my advocate request cover on my behalf using MyService?

MyService has been designed to be simple enough for you to complete a request on your own. You will not be able to nominate a representative to lodge for you, but, if you feel you need more support, you are able to complete the request alongside an advocate.

I have a question about MyService, who can I contact?

If you have any questions about MyService or are having issues using MyService, please contact us at Enquiries will be answered within 1-2 working days.

Can I access MyService from any device?

You can access MyService from any computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone with a web browser.

Can I provide feedback on MyService?

Yes. As this is a trial, we want to hear what you liked about MyService and how you think DVA can make it better. If you register with MyService and request cover, you will receive an email from us asking about your experience. Alternatively, please email the MyService support team with any feedback or complete the MyService feedback survey

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