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MyService beta

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) is undergoing a transformation to change the way it does business. Through this transformation, DVA clients will receive a better level of support based on their needs and expectations, rather than our complicated legislation and systems.

As part of its transformation DVA is trialling a new online portal, called MyService, which aims to make it faster and easier for you to request cover from us.

Who can use MyService beta?

  • Only people who enlisted in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) after 30 June 2004 and want to be covered by DVA for a service related condition.
  • In the future we will be opening the trial to a wider group, if you are interested please email us directly.

To access MyService, you will need:

  • Your PMKeyS number.
  • Date of enlistment.
  • Either your current driver’s licence or Medicare card.
  • A medical diagnosis and any related documents to support your request for cover.

MyService allows you to:

  • Electronically verify yourself to request cover, so you don’t have to complete the current paper-based proof of identity process.
  • Request cover for an illness or injury related to your ADF service.
  • Upload your diagnosis and any related documents.
  • Help DVA create a better experience for clients by providing feedback.

Tell us what you think:

DVA wants to hear from you about your experience using MyService. Once you submit your request for cover, DVA will email you and ask for your feedback. This will assist us in creating a better service for you and others in the future. Alternatively, you can email us directly with your feedback/comments.

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