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Historical Annual Reports from 1918 onwards

Access Annual Reports Online

Historical annual reports from 1918 onwards have been digitised for easy access. Follow the links to view these reports.

The first six annual reports each has a separate link. From annual report number seven onwards the reports have been bundled into groups. To access the annual report select the link to the time period you are interested in.

  1. May 1916 – June 1917
    Australian Soldiers' Repatriation Fund Act: report by the Auditor-General on the accounts of the Australian Soldiers' Repatriation Fund and of the various state war councils. 
  2. March 1918
    Australian Soldiers' Repatriation Fund: report to Board of Trustees.
  3. April 1918 – October 1918
    Report giving summary of activities from 8th April, 1918, to 31st October, 1918
  4. April 1918 – June 1919
    Interim report upon the organization and activities of: 8th April, 1918, to 30th June, 1919
  5. April 1918 – June 1920
    The civil re-establishment of the A.I.F. : a summary of the work of the Department of Repatriation from April, 1918, to the end of June, 1920, with some account of the activities which preceded the Department's formation.
  6. November 1918
    Australian Repatriation Scheme: statement prepared for the French mission.

To access Annual Reports from No. 7 onwards, follow these steps:

  • Select link (e.g. 1961/62-1985/86). This will the first page of the series within Trove.
  • Select browse this collection (Green button, top right of screen)
  • Scroll down to find the Annual Report you wish to view e.g. 1967/1968
  • Click the cover of the Annual Report to read.
  1. 1920/21–1960/61.
    Report of the Repatriation Commission / Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia. Australian Soldiers' Repatriation Act.
  2. 1961/62-1985/86.
    Annual report / Repatriation Commission.
  3. 1987-2016.
    Annual reports / Repatriation Commission and Department of Veterans' Affairs.
  4. 1992-1996
    Annual report / National Treatment Monitoring Committee.
  5. 2003-2005
    Annual report / Human Research Ethics Committee.
  6. 2005-2007
    Annual report / Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission, Australian Government.
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