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New ex-service organisation supports veterans of recent conflicts

The Iraq, Afghanistan and Middle East Veterans Association of Australia (IAMEVAA) first welcomed members in December 2012. It is situated in Nowra, in the south coast region of New South Wales, and works closely with the Nowra – Greenwell Point RSL Sub-branch.

Many veterans of recent conflicts such as the Gulf War and the war in Afghanistan experience difficulty in finding their own place and identity back in the community on their return to Australia. Their need for support is growing as Australia’s involvement in Afghanistan is drawing to a close and increasing numbers of veterans are returning home.

The IAMEVAA aims to make transition back into the community easier for those men and women, by providing a safe and friendly environment for group activities, information and support.

The IAMEVAA recently received a grant from DVA through the Veteran and Community Grants Program. The programme provides funding for projects that support a healthy, quality lifestyle for members of the veteran community. The grant will allow the IAMEVAA to develop a website and purchase promotional material.

These new resources will help the organisation to expand the activities it offers to the local veteran community, encourage veterans to take part in activities, and provide support to veterans. Up-to-date information on current activities and issues that may be of interest to the veteran community will be easily accessible via the website and a newsletter.

The website will also improve awareness of IAMEVAA and the help it can provide, and opportunities for veterans to volunteer to take part in the running of the organisation. The promotional material will also assist the association to spread the word about the support and activities it offers.

The Veteran and Community Grants Program funding will greatly assist the IAMEVAA to reduce social isolation among younger veterans in the Nowra region.

This image illustrates the feature "New ex-service organisation supports veterans of recent conflicts". It shows the IAMEVAA banner.

The IAMEVAA banner.

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