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Naval Stores Branch & MLSC
15 May 2020
Sunshine Coast
A reunion of ex Naval Stores Branch and serving MLSC members will be held on the Sunshine Coast Queensland 15–17 May 2020.
Contact: Alan Cady-Ellis (Cady)
0407 436 498 / 03 9775 8621
40-year Reunion Commonwealth Ceasefire Monitoring Force – Rhodesia
6 March 2020
Kedron Waverley RSL, Chermside, Qld
Members of the CCMF are hosting their first reunion in 40 years. The reunion is open to all who served as in the CCMF and Rhodesian Forces. It includes meet and greet on Friday 6 March and dinner on 7 March. It's a great opportunity to get together. Please pass this on to anyone you know who served in the CCMF or the Rhodesian Forces. Richard Clarke (details below) or Les Norton via or 0404 812 423.
Contact: Richard Clarke
0468 947 929

February 2020

Last class to grace the grass - RANC GL85 reunion
8 February 2020
Realm Hotel - Canberra, ACT
It's on - with partners. Please contact Greaseball or Gonzo.
Contact: Peter Steel
0421 257 170

March 2020

RAAOC Vietnam Veterans’ Reunion
9 March 2020
Perth WA
9-12 March 2020. All RAAOC Vietnam Veterans’ are invited to attend. This will be a great event and an opportunity to unite together, catch up with old mates and make some new mates.
Contact: John Arco, Secretary
0412 672 103
Midshipmen SL 1/70 50th Anniversary
6 March 2020
Brisbane, QLD
SL 1/70 (EX/BATC/SU) including training staff and gunroom.
Contact: Mike Burton
0414 395 961
50th Anniversary of the 32nd JRTE into HMAS Leeuwin
20 March 2020
Canberra, ACT
The last hurrah for the 32nd JRTE Collins & Walton Divisions.
Contact: Reunion Committee
D Coy 3RAR 1st Tour Vietnam Reunion
19 March 2020
Hobart, TAS
19-22 March 2019
Contact: Ken Dann
0409 421 467
HMAS Leeuwin 32nd Intake Reunion Walton & Collins
20 March 2020
Alivio Tourist Park, ACT
Friday, meet and greet; Saturday, sunset service at AWM followed by dinner at a local club. Visit Facebook page 'hmas leeuwin 32nd jrte'
Contact: Shayne Mclennan
0434 872 555

April 2020

Stevenson Division 31st intake JRTE 50th Anniversary
23 April 2020
Maroochy RSL Club, Maroochydore QLD
23-26 April 2020. All 31st intake, wives and partners welcome. The reunion includes Meet and Greet on 23/4, Dawn Service and March on Anzac Day, and dinner on 26/4. Great venue and lots of accomodation available within walking distance of the club. All details are available on the Facebook page.
Contact: Wayne Donnelly
0432 501 225
RAAF 1056 & 169 TMs
3 April 2020
Woodenbong Hotel, NSW
If you would like a beer and a catch up with Lindsay and Blue, come along to the reunion - it will have been 50 years. Blue McKinnon especially welcome.
Contact: Blue Lister
0457 247122
HMAS Albatross AFL 1990 Premiership Reunion
25 April 2020
Adelaide, SA
All players, officials and supporters are invited to attend a 30 year reunion in concert with Anzac weekend. Intention is to march with Fleet Air Arm Association followed by an afternoon at the races and then catch an AFL game live or on TV for the evening.
Contact: Adam Harris & Duane Unwin
0412480422 (Adam) or 0413805644 (Duane)

May 2020

1975 Nirimba Intakes 45 Year Reunion
1 May 2020
Gold Coast, QLD
1-3 May 2020. If you're a member of either of the 1975 HMAS Nirimba apprentice intakes then you may be interested in the reunion. Please contact Glenn for info.
Contact: Glenn Green
0449 267 262
Holdfast Reunion
1 May 2020
Townsville, Qld
1-4 May 2020. Sapper Association, NQ Branch, is hosting the biennial reunion. Open to all Sappers past and present or those who wore the RAE badge. All who served with an Engineer Unit are welcome. Reunion includes Meet and Greet and dinner at the Townsville RSL Club. Contact HF20 Committee, PO Box 1828, Aitkenvale QLD 4814 or John Cotter,, Allan Mansell, or David (below).
Contact: David Holt
07 4723 2360
24 Intake RAAF Apprentice Reunion
8 May 2020
Coolum Beach, QLD
Any member of the 24 RAAF Apprentice Intake who is unaware of our planned 50th anniversary reunion, please contact Ray.
Contact: Ray Tuni
0409 905 569
24 Intake RAAF Apprentice 50th Anniversary
15 May 2020
Coolum Beach RSL Sub Branch , QLD
Let Ray know if you can make it.
Contact: Ray Tuni
0409 905 569

June 2020

RASIGS National Reunion - 95th Birthday
17 June 2020
Townsville, QLD
17-23 June 2020. Open to all members of the Corps - all ranks, trades, postings and era.
Contact: Lofty Evans or Bruce Long
0408 062 316 / 0417 227 533
6 RAR Reunion
5 June 2020
Brisbane, Qld
5 – 7 June 2020. 3 days to catch-up with old friends. All eras of the Battalion invited. 5 June – Meet and Greet; 6 June – Gala Dinner; 7 June – Memorial Service, 6 RAR Association AGM, Spit Roast Lunch.
Contact: Allan Whelan
0427 632 402

July 2020

Ex RAAF Amberley Equipo's Reunion
25 July 2020
Jets Club Hotel, Ipswich QLD
All Equipo's (and Clerk Suppliers if they wish) please be advised of the reunion. Arrive 6-7pm. Please join us for a great night.
Contact: Paul Noble
0413 700 298 or 07 5679 8744, 0403 750 200
2020 JR reunion - Diamond Jubilee 60 Years First Intake
9 July 2020
Leeuwin Barracks, Fremantle, WA
Thursday 9th "Raise the Flag - Ring the Bell" Fremantle; Friday 10th "Tingira Boys Leeuwin Naval Salute" Leeuwin Barracks; Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th "Sea Sailing Voyages" STS Leeuwin; Monday 13th, "Diamond Jubilee Reunion Dinner", OPTUS Stadium. Book only on website - download newsletter & VoicePipe magazine.
Contact: Mark Lee (Secretary)
0417 223 040

September 2020

Ops Room Association
2 September 2020
Perth, WA
2-4 September 2020. Visit website for further details.
Contact: Barney Hanson
0439 903 654

October 2020

HMAS Sydney IV 30yr Tri-deployment
23 October 2020
Sydney, NSW
23-24 October 2020. 1990 world trip (75th Anniversary Gallipoli) 1990/91 Damask II (Gulf War) and 1991/92 Damask IV (Red Sea). Deposits for the harbour cruise, contact Adrian Burns (Radar) or visit Facebook page. Meet/greet at the First Fleet Mess HMAS Kuttabul 23 Oct 2020 - light eats excluding drinks. Four hour harbour cruise 24 Oct 2020, wine/dine buffet. Deposit payments COB Sunday 16 June 2019
Contact: Adrian Burns
Headquarters 1st Australian Task Force Association
29 October 2020
Capital Country Holiday Park, ACT
29 October - 2 November 2019. The Commemorative dinner will be held on Saturday 31 October 2020 at the Old Parliament House (Museum of Australian Democracy). The dinner will be preceded by a Memorial Service at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Anzac Ave, Canberra.
Contact: John Verhelst
0437 212 121

February 2021

50th Anniversary May 1971 Recruits WRAAC & RAANC
16 February 2021
Seeking WRAAC & RAANC members from May - June intake of 1971 Recruit Course. It will be our 50th Anniversary and will coincide it with the WRAAC 70th Anniversary. Contact Bronwyn (details below) or Delma Lim (Dallas) 0437 489 638.
Contact: Bronwyn Flack (Jenkins)
0425 261 806

June 2021

C Squadron 1st Amoured Regiment (1971) Commemoration
7 June 2021
Canberra, ACT
A National Commemoration of Operation Overlord is to conducted (similar to the Binh Ba Commemoration Some of us are thinking about organising a ‘C Sqn 1971 reunion’, ie co-ordinate names; ascertain the degree of interest; and suggest an accommodation venue and possibly a dinner venue (for 6 June 2021).
Contact: Bruce Cameron
02 6248 9562

February 2019

50 year reunion of the 15th intake of national servicemen Tasmania
16 February 2019
For more information and to have your name added to reunion list please contact Barb.
Contact: Barbara Imlach
0419 312 985
1st Intake HMAS Leeuwin, July 1960
11 February 2019
Huskinson, Jervis Bay
11 - 15 February 2019, to celebrate our 75th Birthdays.
Contact: Don Barker
0437 500 528
HMAS Leeuwin 18th intake 52
15 February 2019
South Tweed Bowls Club
15–17 Feb 2019. We are asking former members to contact Barrie or Lynelle Mann to show your interest. Details will follow by either facebook or email. Member’s partners welcome. Friday 15th (meet and greet), Saturday 16th (reunion dinner), Sunday 17th (barefoot bowls and brunch).
Contact: Barrie Mann
0400 102 455
Members of 1RTB, Wagga, May 1989
1 February 2019
Planning a reunion for members of 21st or 22nd Platoon, Charlie Company, 1st Recruit Training Battalion, Wagga. Anyone who was part of the battalion in May 1989 is welcome to contact me.
Contact: Danny Davis
0456 678 294
RAAF Engineer Reunion: No 24 ECS RAAF Frognall
1 February 2019
Young & Jackson’s Hotel 1 Feb; Captain Melville Hotel (previously Mac’s) 2 Feb 2019, Melbourne VIC
Anyone who started or finished on RAAF Frognall, No 24 Engineer Cadet Squadron Course, 1979-1982, please contact Christopher regarding 24ECS Reunion over the weekend of 1-3 February 2019.
Contact: Christopher Krud Crowley
0402 548 154
No 24 Engineer Cadet Squadron (ECS)
1 February 2019
Melbourne, VIC
Members of No 24 Engineer Cadet Squadron (ECS) who have not been contacted by email or word of mouth about our 40 year reunion (commencement anniversary) in Melbourne over the weekend Fri 1 Feb to Sun 3 Feb 2019, please contact Christopher for full details. Events are planned for each day to maximise opportunity for attendance.
Contact: Christopher K Crowley

March 2019

HMAS Leeuwin 16th Intake 1966-1967
29 March 2019
Port Macquarie
29-31 March 2019. Should you be from the 16th Intake and interested in coming to join your fellow shipmates for (3) great days, please contact Colin.
Contact: Colin Hardie (R95565)
0416 250 242
RAAF Recruit Course No 986 50th Anniversary
2 March 2019
Jets Leagues Club, Ipswich
The 50th Anniversary Reunion of Rookies' Course 986 is to be held in Ipswich over the weekend of 2–3 March 2019. Contact Kevin Murray for details.
Contact: Kevin Murray
0418 568 303
5 Squadron RAAF Reunion
30 March 2019
Caloundra RSL, Qld
A 5 Squadron RAAF get-together is being planned. For further information contact Dutchy.
Contact: Dutchy Holland
0499 229 911
HMAS Duchess
29 March 2019
Hotel Grand Chancellor, Adelaide, SA
29 - 31 March 2019. Full cost is $200.00, which includes Friday night light meal or cocktail service, Saturday night dinner and Sunday brunch, with a certain amount of dry till Friday and Saturday night. Deposit of $50.00/head for prospective attendees to be paid 31st December 2018, balance of payment by 15th February, 2019.
Contact: Bruce Bowmaker
0403 243 795
2 Transport Platoon RAASC
18 March 2019
Phillip Island, Victoria
18–22 March 2019, members of 2 Transport Platoon RAASC are getting together for a re-union on Phillip Island in Victoria. The platoon served in Vietnam 1967–71 and is calling those members who have not attended any of the past get-togethers and whose current contact details are not known.

Contact: Bob Peterson
0412 997 958
78th Reunion of WAAAF
14 March 2019
Any ex-WAAAF interested in attending or would like a newsletter may contact Pett, Unit 13/2573 Moggill Road, Pinjarra Hills Qld 4069.
Contact: Pett Rayner
07 3334 6413
RAAF Engineers Ceremony & Reunion
28 March 2019
RAAF Memorial Grove, Federal Highway and Ainslie, ACT
DCS/ECS memorial plaque to be laid at the Grove (10am) then all courses reunion dinner at Ainslie Football & Social Club (7pm).
Contact: Christopher K Crowley
0402 548 154

April 2019

Top End Navy & Associates
23 April 2019
23 -27 April 2019. Various venues & various functions planned in Darwin.
The invitation is extended to all ex and current serving members and their partners, posted at some time to HMAShips Melville and Coonawarra; Darwin based patrol boats and the associated outstations, including interested Tri Service personnel who were posted, to e.g. SBRS.
Further Details: HMAS Coonawarra Facebook site

Contact: Al Conway
0417 597 557
Top End Navy
23 April 2019
various locations in Darwin
23–27 Apr 2019. Reunion plans are currently in motion for all those personnel who have served on HMAS Melville/HMAS Coonawarra, the associated outstations & Darwin based patrol boats. More information and the ability to register your interest, is via the link below. Details: Meet & Greet, Tues 23 April at 4:00pm.
Contact: Allan Conway
0417 597 557
RAAF Members of '126 SQN' – 40th Anniversary
27 April 2019
RAAF Heritage Centre, Amberley
27 Apr 2019. Calling members of '126 SQN' who participated in the RF-111C flight test program at Forth Worth, Amberley and Darwin in 1979. I am planning a commemoration ceremony for the 40th anniversary of the maiden flight of A8-126 at the RAAF Heritage Centre where A8-126 is located.
Contact: Martin Chalk
0411 161 056
45th Reunion 158/74 WRAAC Recruit Course
13 April 2019
Harbour View Hotel, North Sydney
Looking for the following girls: Terri Platt (Lees), Chris Leonard, Mandy Allen, Annette Downie, lyn Oswald, Sue Ferguson, Betty Denby, Jackie Woodcock, Monica Pless, Tim D'Ercole, Rhonda Harris (Hoare), Heather Foster, Chris Smithers (Smethers), Jenny Harris, Julie Freeman, Jenny Hutchi(n)son, Heather Deneen (Deniem), Deborah Hall, Loreen Hooper, Sonja Hill, Karen Goodfellow, Lorraine Whitehouse, Jenny Hughes, Terri Duniam.
Contact: Gwenda Crichton or Cleon Walters
03 5456 8228
37/52nd AIF Battalion Association
23 April 2019
Clayton RSL, 171 Carinish Rd, Clayton VIC
12 noon. Members, widows and descendants welcome.
Contact: Sandy McLeod
0409 682 710
22 Construction Squadron RAE Ex Members Assoc Reunion
27 April 2019
Osborne Park RSL Memorial Hall 129 Main St ( Cnr Cape St), WA
12 noon. Cost is $30 payable at the door. For more details please contact Norm Wells (0417945157) or Kev (below). Follow the Sapper!
Contact: Kevin Poynton
0421 380 451
RAN supplementary list officer intake March 1969 50th Reunion
18 April 2019
Furama City Centre Hotel, Singapore
18-23 April 2019. A 50th anniversary reunion for the 1/69 RAN officer intake will take place over Easter. Please contact Mick for further information.
Contact: CMDR Mick Storrs RAN (Ret'd)
0409 847 023 / (07) 54389565
3 SAS Squadron (Vietnam)
24 April 2019
Perth, WA
24-26 April 2019. Members of the Squadron's 1st and 2nd tours of South Vietnam are invited to attend. This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Squadron's highly successful 2nd tour of combat operations of South Vietnam. Attendance is restricted to those on the posted strength of the Squadron during the respective tours of South Vietnam.
Contact: John Petrie
0411 158 305

May 2019

18 RAAF Engineering Apprentice (Leghorns) 55 year Anniversary
3 May 2019
Maroochydore Events Centre, Sunshine Coast
3 - 5 May 2019. All Leghorns and partners invited. 3 May - Meet & Greet; 4 May - daytime tour followed by dinner; 5 May - farewell breakfast. It is assured to be a great weekend of camaraderie and fun.
Contact: Doug Elliott
0401 466 575
23 Intake RAAF Apprectice 50 year Reunion
25 May 2019
Gold coast
All members and partners, if interested, please contact me and let any other Goanna know who you may be in contact with.

Contact: Dale Purdy
0419 248 587

June 2019

50th Anniversary – 16 Air Land Regiment
1 June 2019
31 May – 2 June 2019. The Australian Air Defence Artillery Association invites past and present members (regardless of Corps) who have served in 16 Air Defence Regiment or 16 Air Land Regiment, and sub-units, to join the Regiment to celebrate its 50th anniversary. All details available at
Contact: Mick Leckning
0404 453 468
HMAS Vampire Association
22 June 2019
Australian National Maritime Museum
HMAS Vampire Association is pulling up stumps on 22 June 2019. A luncheon will be held for a final reunion for members, and ex-serving Vampire sailors/guests wishing to attend are most welcome. The weekend will also celebrate the Vampire's 60th birthday. So come along, catch up with old mates and celebrate the Bat's birthday and the end of an era with the Association. For more information please contact Sandra (Honorary Secretary) or Ken Sherwell (Treasurer).
Contact: Sandra & Ken Sherwell
0408 618 663

July 2019

National RAAF GEMS Musterings Reunion
11 July 2019
All ex or current GEMS personnel of all ranks and musterings are welcome to attend our National Reunion from 11 to 14 July 2019 in Townsville. A range of activities are planned across the four days to allow ex members to reconnect. Partners are welcome.
Contact: Greg "Jacko" Lyons
0413 700 298 or 07 3294 0803 after 6pm
11 Platoon, Bravo Company Sep - Dec 1986
13 July 2019
Melbourne, VIC
13-14 July 2019. Dinner and informal events have been organised.
Contact: Russell Kirby
0435 901 648

August 2019

Termite Reunion
16 August 2019
16-18 August 2018. 30 Terminal Sqn Reunion. An event to get all past and present termites together in a fun and relaxed atmosphere to share the trials and tribulations of being a termite (and possibly some tall tales).
Contact: Craig Ingram
0407 173 321
50th anniversary of our Tour of Duty 1Pl. A Coy 6RAR
16 August 2019
Twin Towns Services club
16 - 19 August 2018. This will be our first ever 1 Platoon reunion. Would love to see all our members from that time.
Contact: Barry Francis
07 4123 4039 / 0466 013 365
85 Transport Platoon, Vietnam 1967-1972
16 August 2019
Port Macquarie
16-18 August 2018. All ex 85 Platoon Members, family of departed members, 85 Troop members and their partners are welcome to attend. The planned reunion over 3 days includes the Vietnam Service on the 18th, a coach trip and Dinner Dance.
Contact: Bob Metcalfe
0409 822 272
1 Field Squadron Group The Royal Australian Engineers Qld Inc.
23 August 2019
Twin Towns Services Club, Tweed Heads
23-25 August 2019. Cost is $175 per person. Friday meet and greet, Saturday Memorial Service and evening Reunion Banquet, and Sunday luncheon.
Contact: Jim Weston
0419 260 463
12 Squadron RAAF Reunion
23 August 2019
Maroochy RSL, Memorial Avenue, Maroochydore QLD
23-24 August 2019. All members/partners and rotary wing friends are invited. 23 Aug - meet & greet; 24 Aug - dinner. This event is to commemorate the 30th anniversary since the disbandment of 12SQN.
Contact: Skip Antony / Shane Storer
0412 602 353 / 0431 111 114
31 Platoon (D Coy) 1 RTB - 31 Years On
31 August 2019
Melbourne - TBA
If you are interested in attending or would like more information, please contact Bruna (below). You can also find us on Facebook, search for 31 Platoon "D" Company, 1 R.T.B. Kapooka Feb – April 1988.

Contact: Bruna Norrish
0417 517 981
31 Platoon (3 Feb - 26 Apr 1988), 31 Years On
31 August 2019
We hope to find the remaining members: R Anning, A Ballinger, C Brown, J Coombes, K Gardner (Edwards), D Howarth, C Hunter, K Jarvis, J Jennings, N Lynch, L Maklin, T Marshall, C Parsons, C Schryver, C Shanahan, S Smith, A Stock, Jo Yuille and L Noonan. Staff: LT McMillian, SGT Byway, CPL Glenn, CPL Panowitz, and CPL Cox. Our Brother Platoon is also invited (6 Platoon).
Contact: Bruna (Bellu) Norrish
0417 517 981

September 2019

Course.1 No.1 W.A.G.S. Ballarat
23 September 2019
Surrey Hills, VIC
F/O Russ Zenner (98), A.400065.
Contact: Russ Zenner
03 9830 4841
17 Construction Squadron 70th Birthday
20 September 2019
Kedron-Wavell RSL, QLD
20-22 September 2019. On 20 September 1949, 17th Construction Squadron was formed. Over the 70 years, the Squadron has deployed as a formed body to Vietnam, Namibia, East Timor and Afghanistan. Individuals from the Squadron have deployed to every conflict since it was formed. To celebrate this occasion the Association is conducting a number of festivities, including Cobbers night, dining in night & farewell lunch.
Contact: Michael Borg
0421 878 259
17th Constuction Sqn 70th Birthday
20 September 2019
Kedron-Wavell Services Club, Chermside Brisbane QLD
20-22 September 2019. All welcome. Bookings online for Cobber's night at and dinner On the Friday there will be open day at Amberley RAAF Base - buses if required.
Contact: Peter Cairnes
0427 558 685
Class 3 of 72 Scheyville OTU
1 September 2019
Sunshine Coast, Qld
All members are invited to attend our reunion.
Contact: Organising Committee
HMAS Leeuwin 38th Intake
6 September 2019
Sydney, NSW
6-8 September 2019. All 38th Leeuwin JR Intake invited. For latest information, visit the website or Facebook.
Contact: Ray Vidler
0409 304 442
INTERFET/UNTAET/UNMISET - 20 year reunion dinner
20 September 2019
Dandenong/Cranbourne RSL, 44-50 Clow St, Dandenong VIC
On the occasion of the 20 year anniversary, where the ADF landed, enforced security where the future of Timor Leste, formerly known as East Timor; became the newest independant country.
Contact: Marc Newton
34 Hy AA Battery Assn and 131 Hy AA Battery Assn
12 September 2019
Angliss Restaurant, 50 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC
77th Anniversary of the unit’s service on Horn Island, and the installation of a memorial at a gun pit on 29 May 2019. Families are encouraged to attend. 11am start.
Contact: Gordon Cameron
03 5983 1602

October 2019

1st Armoured Regiment LAD Sections Vietnam 1968 –1971
25 October 2019
Capital Country Holiday Park, Sutton NSW
25-27 October 2019. A reunion for members who served with the LAD sections C, B, A and C 1 in Vietnam during the period 1968 to 1971.
Contact: Russell Cunningham
03 5766 2413
Ex RAN Victuallers Branch Reunion
16 October 2019
Bendigo, VIC
16 - 23 October 2019.
Contact: Alan Antoney
0418 314 726
18th Intake (4/69) National Service Intake Oct 69 Puckapunyal 9Pl B Coy
10 October 2019
Fremantle, WA
12 noon.
Contact: Don Greer / Jeff Connelly
0428 915 605 / 0407 479 648
National Service Reunion - 10th Intake (called up early October 1967)
21 October 2019
Sawtell Beach Holiday Park (10kms South of Coffs Harbour NSW)
21-28 October 2019. 5 Lyons Road Sawtell, NSW. All 10th Intake, wives and partners welcome (NB overseas service not a prerequisite). Reservations: 02 6648 4485, 1800 200 555 or ( Check the website for full program.
Contact: Richard Barry
02 6792 3114
HMAS Leeuwin 13th Intake (Marks Division)
4 October 2019
Broken Hill, NSW
We will be continuing our tradition of staging our reunion every 2 years, so come and join us with your partners in the historical town of Broken Hill. For further information please contact Roy.
Contact: Roy Graham-Measor
0439 311 313
All Navy Reunion
25 October 2019
Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast, QLD
Maroochydore is a great place for a reunion with all aspects of beachside living and shopping within walking distance of accommodation.
Contact: Bill Hayward
0411 024 985
RAAF JEAT’s 60th Anniversary since the Disbandment of the Scheme
26 October 2019
Wagga Wagga, NSW
26-28 October 2019. Calling all ex JEATs who are interested in attending this function to please advise Col below to register your contact details.
Contact: Col Makin
0428 216 947
Navy Photographers/Imagery Specialists
24 October 2019
Port Stephens, NSW
24-26 October 2019. Calling on all past/present RAN photographers/imagery specialists to meet, greet and re kindle friendships experienced out of serving in this exclusive branch in the Royal Australian Navy. A full itinerary of planned events is listed on our facebook page. This event is also intended to bring together our partners so all may enjoy the events planned.
Contact: George Anderson
0414 483 391
21 Const Sqn Puckapunyal
19 October 2019
Royal Hotel Seymour, VIC
To all sappers and members who are interested in a reunion please contact Bill.
Contact: Bill Thornley
0438 140 759
48 Engine Fitters
5 October 2019
RSL Club TBA, Qld
Reunion of the 48 Engine Fitters course, Jan 1983- Mar 1984. Looking for all who were on this course. Date and location needs to be finalised. Looking for S Leigh, D Field, D Cummins, D Clackson, B Freeman, M Macdonald, I Rijven, C Wikinson-Reid, T Wells, K Carey, D Bull, S Gobel, M Allen. If I have missed anyone let me know.
Contact: Mark Richards
0407 118 356
RAAF Amberley Rugby League (Matson Oval Old Boys) Reunion
4 October 2019
Coolum RSL Club Qld 4-6 October 2019
4-6 October 2019. Any person, including wives and partners, who has been involved in the RAAF Amberley Rugby League Club are cordially invited to attend the 4th reunion of this great club. A range of activities are planned which also coincides with the NRL Grand Final. Please pass this information to anyone you may still be in contact with who was involved in the Club.
Contact: Graham Air
0407 770 310
105th Battery RAA Reunion and AGM
18 October 2019
Wrest Point Casino, 410 Sandy Bay Rd, Hobart TAS
18-20 October 2019. All former service members of 105 Battery RAA from any period of service are welcome, as well as partners and NOK of past members. See the Association website for all details. Bookings close 30 Aug 2019.
Contact: Paul Stevens
0417 028 321
RAAF Women's Recruit Course 45/84 - 35 Year Reunion
11 October 2019
Melbourne, VIC
11-13 October 2019. Calling all women from RAAF Recruit Course 45/84 who are interested in attending our 35 year reunion.
Contact: Anne Taylor (nee Prior)
0419 207 661
RAEME 102 Field Workshop Bi-Annual Reunion
4 October 2019
Gannawarra, VIC
4-6 October 2019. To be held at Noel Lake's property at Gannawarra.
Contact: Noel Lake
03 5456 9246
HMS Fisgard Artificers Reunion
18 October 2019
Stamford Grand Hotel, Glenelg, Adelaide SA
18-20 October 2019. All HMS Fisgard artificers and their partners welcome. It is also open to any artificers of other Commonwealth navies.
Contact: Nigel Woolmer
0414 808 313
33 Platoon D Coy 1R.T.B, Oct 1988-Feb 1989
26 October 2019
The ladies of 33 Platoon are searching for all members who were with them at Kapooka from Oct 1988 - Feb 1989 to get together in reunion and remembrance of fallen comrades.
Contact: Nereda (Tomo) Reed
0455 501 312
British Commonwealth [Japan] Association of Australia
22 October 2019
Junee Ex-Services Club, NSW
Final Get together. 1700 hours. Please reply if attending.
Contact: Harry Fennell, Secretary
03 5367 5636
Greece and Crete Anzac Reunion
6 October 2019
Education Centre, Shrine of Remembrance, VIC
The Federation of Messinian Organisations of Melbourne and the Battle of Crete and Greece Commemorative Council are hosting a reunion to rekindle bonds that were forged in the Greek and Crete campaigns during WWII. An opportunity for families of veterans to meet and greet and share stories. Entry is free and all welcome.
Contact: Jim Papadimitriou
0411 224 532

November 2019

Headquarters Company 1st Australian Logistic Support Group
8 November 2019
Ballarat, VIC
8 - 11 November 2019. Meet and greet Friday and the main dinner on the 11th. Reunion is open to all who served in 1 ALSG and with Headquarters Company.
Contact: Tony Brown
0428 852 736
RAN Communications Branch Association
7 November 2019
Geelong, VIC
7-11 November. A number of activities are planned culminating in a Remembrance Day service on 11 November. All information can be found on the RANCBA website or call the below.
Contact: John "Nokka" White - RANCBA Vic-Southern Region President
0418 524 067
9 RAR RTA Reunion
27 November 2019
Canberra, ACT
27-29 November 2019. Reunion to recognise 50 years since the Battalion boarded HMAS Sydney for the return to Australia after its tour of duty in Vietnam. All former members of the Battalion are encouraged to attend whether or not you came back on the Sydney or in fact saw service in Vietnam. There cannot be too many more reunions left in us, so join us while you can.
Contact: Bob Plummer
0403 996 093
1st Australian Civil Affairs Unit
10 November 2019
Canberra, ACT
10-13 November 2019. Activities will include attendance at the national Remembrance Day Service and a guided tour of the Australian War Memorial, with emphasis on the Vietnam War gallery.
Contact: Don Limn
0412 175 027
National Gunnies
1 November 2019
Camp Kurrajong, Wagga Wagga, NSW
1-3 November 2019. For all current and retired RAAF Armourers. Please contact Bob for further details on accommodation, events and schedules.
Contact: Bob Cornwell
0417 814 374
106 Field Workshop RAEME
18 November 2019
Function Room Steeples Mornington, VIC
Gathering to commemorate the commencement in 1969 for the modification to the armour of all M113A1s in theatre. Arte et Marte.
Contact: Milton Pearson
0488 050 261
RAAF Police Association Annual National Reunion
15 November 2019
City of Sydney RSL, NSW
15-17 November 2019. All ex and currently serving RAAF Police, Security Police, Police Dog Handlers and family are invited. Starts at 4pm.
Contact: Iain Green
0419 409 305