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Seeking David Bryant
My Navy mate who served with me in Miranda Division, August 1965.
Contact: Les Quarrell
0416 194 883
Seeking Ex POWRAN Dawn E Wilson (Nee Kim)
Seeking Dawn Wilson on behalf of the family of her old friend Judith Atkinson. Dawn was married to then LSFC Ian Allan Wilson and their last known address was 44 Niagra St, Armidale, NSW. Both were from the Steward branch.
Contact: Frank Brown Ex WOWTR
0364 252 227
Seeking David Chambers (Stoker)
I am trying to chase up an old mate, originally from Bowen Qld, that I served with on the HMAS Sydney in the 70's.
Contact: Edward Fillippetti
042 434 752
Seeking CPO/WO Dave Williams or SWR Miranda Williams nee Porteus
I am looking for Dave (ex RAN greenie) and/or Miranda (ex HMAS Albatross). Last known whereabouts South Australia over 30 years ago.
Contact: Sharyn Hanne
0490 060 757
Seeking Trevor John Atkins
Leading Dental Assistant on HMAS Sydney in 1972. Contact Trevor for possible personal gain.
Contact: Trevor Raymond Atkins
0412 888 432
Seeking David J Williams
Bungy David J Williams joined GE65 as MTP. Served on Derwent and then submarines. Service number S147?
Contact: Brad Martin BJ
0417 255 007
HMAS Shropshire
Looking for relatives of persons who served on HMAS Shropshire. Have copies of poetry written by 'Darky', 'Jock' and Felix Salopia.
Contact: Marilyn Mangione
0402 353 474
HMAS Albatross 1953 Naval and Air Stores Branch photograph
I have a group photo of Stores personnel serving with 723 Squadron and the main Naval and Air Stores Branch taken in 1953 or 54 which I would be happy to share with, or make contact, with any of those pictured. To jog your memories - names include Leut Tony Ewens, CPO Roffey, Joe Jones, Steve Miles, 'Shorty' Brayshaw, Ian Garwood, 'Lucky' Baron, together with 15 or so others.
Contact: Ren (Sticks) Middleton R48048
03 6432 4198
Seeking Garry Gadeene (Goldie)
Seeking a long lost mate, we served together at HMAS Albatross 1968/69. Goldie departed Albatross to return to Geraldton WA. His rank at the time was NAAH.
Contact: Robin Bolton (BoB)
0414 723 775
Who has information on this ex RAN vessel ?
In WWII the RAN used ca. 70' wooden General Purpose Vessels and/or Survey vessels. They were built at Naval Shipyards, double-ended design constructed of double diagonal planked Jarrah. My boat RUAH was converted into a yacht with a schooner rig and had extensive refits done in the Brisbane area. A similar vessel Tallarook was built at the Greenpoint Naval Shipyard in Sydney. Please Google 'Tallarook' to find pictures. Greatly appreciate receiving any leads on RUAH.

Contact: Victor Nottelman
+678 7795171 (Vanuatu)


George Josephs
'Kiwi George' is turning 80 on 5 June 2019. His family are planning a surprise get together for him and we are trying to locate some of his old Army buddies, for photos and memories for George and his family. He served in 7 PL. C.COY 4 RAR. Woodside SA1964; 7 PL.C.COY.4 RAR. Malaya Borneo 1964-1966; 7 PL.C.COY.4RAR. South Vietnam 1968-1969. Australian Army Reg no 17889.

Contact: Pamela Schifferle
0438 180 134
RAEME Personnel
Seeking all RAEME personnel who served at Singleton Workshop Platoon (including ordinance personnel) for a possible reunion.
Contact: Ray Scott
0413 161 139
Seeking Ex Warrant Officer John Andrews (RAAOC)
Previously served in 6 Field Supply Company (Enoggera) and 2 Field Supply Battalion (Townsville). I've been looking for my old mate for many years.
Contact: Peter R Grant (Ex RSM - RAAOC)
0424 707 146
11th NST Battallion intake 1955 Wacol Army Camp, Brisbane
Seeking survivors of the 11th NST intake Brisbane to Wacol Army camp and then later to 9th Battalion RQR Kelvin Grove army barracks and camp training at Greenbank army camp, intake 13/8/55. Would like to correspond with any that are still alive and would also like to know if there are any reunions planned.
Contact: Warren Ireland Serv. No 1718805
0407 626 484
Seeking Lieutenant Ireland, National Service Intake, August 1953
Seeking to make contact for a chat.
Contact: Keith N Pitman
03 5334 2965 or 0459 029 043
Seeking Elizabeth (Libby) White
Libby was posted at the RAAOC Centre Bandiana as a young officer in the late 1970's. I believe she was later married to someone with a surname like Limbrick and that she lives in Tasmania.
Contact: Peta
0438 526 500
Seeking Physical Training Instructors
14 NS Trg Bn Puckapunyal 1951-54.
Contact: Frank Paull
Seeking Ex Warrant Officers James (Jimmy) Baker and Chris (Tatch) Tatchell
Two "old mates" Warrant Officer Class 1 Jim Baker and Warrant Officer Class 2 Chris Tatchell - both Pet OPs (Petroleum Operators) and last known as instructors at the RAAOC Centre at Bandianna. If anybody knows of them, please contact me or pass my details on to them.
Contact: Peter Grant (ex RSM RAAOC Centre)
0424 707 146
Seeking help 'no known grave' of Richard Patrick Johnson
QX26395 Private Richard Patrick Johnson, 13 PL.,C COY 25 BAT., KIA 16.30HRS, 26 AUG 1942. Action B COY 61 BN and C COY 25 BN with air support counter attacked. Advance of 800 yards. Made ground but not held. One of 3 KIA and 2 WIA. Have been to New Guinea twice but cannot located the exact burial site - 600 yards east of K.B Mission?
Contact: Trevor Jensen
02 4984 2359
New RAASC Association
Were you a member of RAASC? A new RAASC Association is being formed. Email for more details.
Contact: Russ Morison
0408 947 935
Seeking Pte Brad & Pte Trudie Moore RACT
Formerly of 1st Field Hospital in Sydney, Transport Section. Don Reed is looking for you.
Contact: Nereda Reed
0455 501 312
Seeking members of 11 Pl, C Coy, 2 RTB intake
Seeking members of 11 Pl, C Coy, 2 RTB intake, October 1969. I have found Enzo Marsen 7 RAR and Garry Ramm 3 RAR, Vietnam. Where are Paul Sam Roberts, Ron Perry, Pat Egan or any others from that time?
Contact: Mike Page
07 3341 4380
Ian Charles Harty
Seeking contact with Ian and others who helped set up and fire the last Australian mortar in South Vietnam at Vung Tau in February 1972.
Contact: Les Boag
0418 210 348
Seeking Personal Vungtou Vietnam 1966-67 DET. 1 Comm Z Postal Unit
Seeking whereabouts of any personnel from Vungtou Vietnam DET. 1 Comm Z Postal Unit 1966–67. Would like to catch up with anyone still above ground. Some names I remember Lt Dave (Blades) Gillette, Sgt Spud Murphy, Ron Renfrey, Smithy, Shoey and others.
Contact: Bill Dalgleish
0419 937 930
Seeking LTCOL W G (Bill) Guest, RAAOC
Bill retired in the late 1980's or later. A group of us from the 1970's RAASC Centre are considering a reunion at Bandiana and would look forward to him joining us.
Contact: Paul Kearney
Ingleburn Military Precinct Association
The Ingleburn Military Precinct is the only part of the famous Ingleburn army camp that is left. The museum that was established at the precinct in 2003 is set to reopen in August 2019 and tours for schools and other organisations will be recommenced. However, to be successful we need new and younger members, both male and female, to carry on this important work. The work is interesting and there is great fellowship within the membership.
Contact: Brian Battle
02 9601 6404
36th (Ulster) Division WWI Descendants
Seeking to start a Melbourne/Australian branch of the Association. Please contact me if you have family ties to the Division, and are interested in helping me form a Melbourne branch.
Contact: Simon Foster
0408 616 486
Seeking current & former members RAEME Singleton Workshop Platoon
I would like to reach as many members as possible and hope to arrange a reunion soon.
Contact: Ray Scott
0413 161 139
Magazine from 34th AA Horn Island - Attention Gordon Cameron
If there are any members from 34th HY Battery who would like a newsy magazine called Bludging On that was written by troops on Horn Island, I would be happy to pass it along. Articles written by John/Jack Heathcote, Major Rusden, Sgt Eric Butler, Leo Boddingtom, Jim/Jas McDonald, Ted Lloyd, GH Scott.
Contact: Lorrie Martinovich
0412 334 317
Peter Raymond Bowen
Looking for a good friend who I served with at 106 Field Workshops (RAAOC) 69/70 Nui Dat. Peter was originally from WA.
Contact: Gary Burgess
03 5442 7964 or 0458 575 653
Boxing Information October 1970
Does anyone remember boxing details at the Badcoe Club around October 1970 between members of the Army and visiting Commonwealth boxers. I am also seeking photos. I was one of the boxers.
Contact: Gordon Bachman
Seeking Brian A Barnes
He served with 'A' Field Battery, Holdsworthy 1968-1969. I would like to renew our friendship and share recently recovered photos from that time.
Contact: Frank McDowell
0412 882 221
Seeking Members 1973-74 HQ Battery 1st Field Regiment Wacol Brisbane
I was assigned to the Officers' Mess for over six months on light duties due to a field exercise accident at Tin Can Bay. The CO was a Lt Col Buchan. The RSM was a gentleman named LITTLE. The officers Mess Sgt in charge was Sgt Sanderson (Sandy).
Contact: Francis F Wood
0409 915 133
Seeking Cheryl Carter
Served RACT, Keswick Barracks, South Australia 1978/79. Originally from York WA.
Contact: Russ Wood
0419 934 255
Victor 'Scotty' Northcote
Seeking contact details. Served in Regular Army Catering Corps 1976 - 1979.
Contact: Bryce Goodwin
0407 730 621
Seeking Don Sinclair
Members of the 4th Field Regiment (SVN) Association are keen to make contact with 3795077 Bombardier Don Sinclair. Any information appreciated.
Contact: Peter Bruce
0419 349 317
Seeking family of Noel Stuart Harald 16141
I am a NZ Vietnam Veteren (V company / 2 RAR 1967). I met Stew while serving in 28th Commonwealth Brigade Terendak, Malaysia 1966 and then again September 1967 at Fire Base Horse Shoe, overlooking the village of Dat Do and Mine Field Sth Vietnam. I would very much like to meet or have contact with his family members.
Contact: John D Hunt
0429 726 339
Peter Hateley 14/02/1947
Seeking a photo of my father, in or out of uniform. Was a medic called Doc. He has passed away.
Contact: Cindy Butler
Rick Avery
Seeking contact details for Ron Inman’s good friend Rick. They served in Vietnam 2RAR. Wish to discuss personal matters.
Contact: Karin Inman
0438 525 474
Seeking Graeham Brown
2/4 Battalion 1973/74, Townsville.
Contact: Scotty Douglas
0413 825 814
Seeking 2RAR First Tour Vietnam Book (2 volume set)
The ANZAC Battalion in South Vietnam 1967-68, Volumes 1 and 2. Looking to replace lost set.
Contact: Gordon Hurford
0407 926 270
Seeking William George Guest
Bill Guest formerly LTCOL RAAOC. Served at RAASC Centre, RAAOC Centre, HQ Log Comd amongst others.
Contact: Paul Kearney
Moreton Island WWII history
Seeking people who served or those who know the history of the Army presence on Moreton Island during WWII. Would like photographs also.
Contact: Patricia Cannard
0484 903 899
Information regarding Maxwell Raymond Martin
7th Division AASC, 15.9.1915. Lived in Melbourne until at least 1968 and possibly thereafter. He left his home, and his family has had no trace since then. If anyone has any information regarding his whereabouts during his later lifetime, it would be appreciated.
Contact: Roberta McKibbin
03 9873 4671
Seeking 37235 WO2 B L Le Sueur, Vietnam Veteran
He was born in Cohuna VIC in 1937. He Served in 1 RAR and the AATTV. Please contact A Tajic - c/o PO Box 2089, Claremont North, WA 6010. Please include a return address.
Contact: A Tajic
Seeking Pat Egan, Paul Roberts, Ron Perry
Seeking members 11 plt C Coy 18th NS intake Puckapunyal 1969 or any members C Coy knowing whereabouts of Pat Egan wounded 7 RAR Vietnam 1970, Paul 'Sam' Roberts and Ron Perry.
Contact: Mike Page
07 3341 4380
Seeking John Zaffino
In Vietnam 1969 - 70.
Contact: Lyn
0410 000 929
RAEME Singleton Workshops Platoon
Reunion definitely going ahead in March 2020. Please contact me asap re numbers attending.
Contact: Ray Scott
0413 161 139

Air Force

Bomber Command Commemorative Service (BCCS)
The 2019 BCCS will be held at RAAF Amberley Qld on Sunday 2 June 2019 commencing at 1100 hrs. As the Service is held in a secure area of the Base, attendees are required to register by contacting Richard or emailing details (title, family name, given name) no later than Monday 14 May 2019.
Contact: Richard Bright
07 3378 3319
Dutch 19 Transport Sqn Archerfield Feb 1947
Seeking information from ex Dutch and RAAF personal stationed at Archerfield Base, QLD, February 1947 regarding the Dutch C47 Skytrain that crashed on test flight into the sea, Stradbroke Island, 26 Feb 1947 - all six crew killed.
Contact: David Mitchell
0408 818 735
Seeking Harry Allie
Harry worked for Sergeant Allan Beehag in 482 Maintenance Squadron, Amberley 1970–72.

Contact: Allan Beehag
02 6732 2408
Ex-RAAF Amberley 1970's and 80's
Seeking ex-RAAF Amberley guys for future reunions and contact - John Koczorowski, Fabian Nardo, Russ Bignall, Bobby Otto, Robert Ricktas, Wayne Stoddart, Trevor Skinner, Barry Dionesis, Jim Etherson and Alan Mader (ex RAAF Edinburgh, SA).
Contact: Paul Noble, ex 1975 - 1980
07 5679 8744
No 3 Wireless Unit
I am wondering are there any ex-members of the RAAF, lucky to be still with us, who were on No 3 Wireless Unit in 1944/45 at Coomalie Creek, Darwin.
Contact: Bruce Owers
0415 593 450
Seeking LACW Cathy/Kathy Peel
Contact: Norman and Karen Ann Zrim
0417 645 168
Seeking LAC Robert Wood/s
A Flight Steward who was in Rookies 6/91.
Contact: Karen Ann Zrim (nee: Taylor W134188 - 6/91)
0417 645 168
Seeking Alan 'WHIP' Mader
RAAF Richmond 'A' Team, 'The Bears' Air Movements Load Team 1970's. Best man at my wedding May 1975. Lost contact after my discharge 1976.
Contact: Kevin Mezzina
0419 889 173
Seeking Tony Woods Sgt
Airframe Instructor at RAAF Wagga 1976 - 1980.
Contact: Grahame Kerr
0477 033 100
Seeking Ex RAAF Amberley Equipo's
John Koczorowski, Fabian Nardo, Bobby Otto, Robert Ricktas, Wayne Stoddart, Trevor Skinner, Barry Dionesis, Jim Etherson (Clk Sup), Alan Made, Barby Munt (Clk Sup), Wally Best. Great reunion coming up 25 July 2020.
Contact: Paul Noble exd RAAF 75-87
07 5679 8744 / 0403 750 200
RAAF WWII Pacific 65th Bombardment Squadron
Seeking contact with families who had a RAAF family member serve with American Air Force Squadrons in WWII in the Pacific, in particular the 43rd and 65th squadrons - the 'Lucky Dicers' flying Liberators. The 43rd would like to formally acknowledge these 60 men as there is very little information available and they deserve recognition.
Contact: Susan (Gilbert) Waters
0438 501 495
Seeking Former 38 Squadron RAAF Members
Former members willing to be interviewed for a book on the history of the squadron can contact the author, Dave Burns, by email or at PO Box 7011, Tathra, NSW 2550. Members who served in Singapore/Malaya in the 1950s are particularly sought.
Contact: Dave Burns
FOUND Barry Charles Patrick Simpson
I had been looking for my dad for 40 years and I have finally found him. He is living in Denver, Colorado and we are in very regular contact. I would like to sincerely thank all those that helped find him.
Contact: John Simpson
0409 827 664


Unveiling of memorial, WA
I will be unveiling a memorial at the Back to Bruce Rock week on 2 November 2019, 9.30 for a 10am start. This memorial will be to honour all Vietnam, Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.
Contact: John Schnaars OAM, President, Veterans Retreat WA Inc
0478 084 092
Past students of Newtown State School, Toowoomba QLD
Seeking past servicemen and women who have served overseas in recent years. We are attempting to update our honour board. We require a copy of dismissal or service papers. Those who have previously submitted information need to resubmit due to technical issues.

Contact: Jill Bowman
Women (Girls) in Service
I appeal to all readers, family members or just friends of former service women who would contribute a poem or short story relevant to the person once served, of then and/or now. I ask that the article will be of interest, truth, humour or praise to women of past service enlistment. I would also like high quality A4 photos of the women, preferably in uniform. The articles and photos are to form a booklet hopefully for an exhibition.
Contact: Alec N Howard
02 4975 1973
Drummoyne War Memorial
A local historian is seeking information from any relatives of the 95 men killed in WWI, commemorated on the Drummoyne War Memorial. Especially interested in any photos, letters or diaries to assist in finishing the biographies for these men.
Contact: Brendan Bateman
0411 105 030
The Younger Heroes Camps - Reconnecting Veteran Families
The Younger Heroes is a charity that has been created to STRENGTHEN VETERAN FAMILIES. We do this by holding a 3 night/4 day camp in nature and we target those parents (mum or dad) that are currently serving or have served our nation and their child/ren aged 6-17. Current camp dates - Perth: 26-29 September, Perth: 10-13 October. Visit the website to register.
Contact: Renee Schofield
0400 028 594
Tour to commemorate the Anniversary of the Cease Fire of the Indonesian
The SA & NT Branch of National Malaya & Borneo Veterans’ Association Australia Inc are planning a tour to Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia to coincide with the visit by the New Zealand Malaya Veterans Association for late August - September, 2019. A tour package, including air travel and accommodation, is being developed.
Contact: Brian Selby, President
08 8387 1672
Bowen RSL 100 year Anniversary
1 September 2019 is the date for the Bowen RSL 100 year anniversary celebrations. All are welcome to attend. The club will be open from 10am to 7pm with bar, food and live music. Many historical items on display. This weekend also coincides with Bowen's Walk to the Lighthouse, when the low tide allows people to walk across to the refurbished lighthouse on North Head Island in Port Denison.
Contact: John Eyles
0409 342 151
Sinking of Dredge W.D. ATLAS 1966
Seeking those involved in the rescue of survivors from the dredge W.D. Atlas which floundered in cyclonic conditions on 20 May 1966 off Jervis Bay. Seeking information from RAN, RAAF, civilian personnel or family members of anyone involved in the rescue for a book I'm writing on the event. My father Gordon Fairbairn (ex Navy) was one of the survivors.
Contact: Terri Fairbairn
0414 601 117
Military History Society NSW - Hurricans to Russia WWII
1st Saturday next month 3rd August. Venue: 4th Floor Goulburn Room, City of Sydney RSL Club, 561-567 George Street Sydney, a five minute walk down left hand side of George St. heading towards Central. Lecture starts 14:00 - 15:00. Presenter Mr Denis Smith.
Contact: Dennis John WEATHERALL
02 9520 6023
Malaya Veterans
Did you serve in Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak, Singapore or East Timor, post WWII, with any Australian or Allied Armed Forces including 2/30 Bn RAR Rifle Company Butterworth? Sign on now with the National Malaya & Borneo Veterans Association Australia Inc. QLD 07 3396 6705, NSW/ACT 02 6258 8988, VIC 0414 238 698, TAS 03 6228 5034, SA/NT 08 8387 1672, WA 0414 238 698.
Contact: Owen Marshall, National President NMBVAA Inc
Women of Force Conference
14 September 2019 MALANDA Far North Qld. For past and current serving female ADF personnel. Join us as we discuss the importance of empowering current serving ADF personnel and our veterans of today. The $20 registration fee includes access to the conference, a goodies bag, morning tea, lunch and dinner. To register, email your name and contact number to the below and also visit Women of Force Conference Facebook page.
Contact: Margaret
0448 315 641