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Seeking CPO Bill Hollis
Bill served with me on submarines, etc up to 1986.
Contact: Terry (Rocky) Gannon (ex CPORSSM)
0458 518 088
Seeking info on the late Lt.Cdr. Gerald Chester Carter RAN & Family
Carter married Canadian Elaine Crombie in Sydney in October 1941. Known to have had one daughter, Gillian. Served HMAS Nizam in WW2.
Contact: Des Lambley
NAA Port Macquarie
Port Macquarie Sub Branch meets 3rd Wednesday of the month at 1730 at the West Port Club. Bi monthly outings and social gatherings. All ex-service personnel invited to attend. Dinner follows at the West Port Club. Look forward to seeing you there - memberships are available.
Contact: Philip Boxhall
0432 598 782
NAA Port Macquarie
Port Macquarie Sub Branch meets third Wednesday of the month at 1730 at the West Port Club. Bi monthly outings and social gatherings. All ex service personnel invited to attend. Dinner follows at the West Port Club. Look forward to seeing you there - memberships are available.
Contact: Philip Boxhall
0432 598 782
HMAS Hobart DDG39
Calling all ex HMAS Hobart crew members who served 1st 2nd & 3rd deployments S.V.N. Also ANY former crew members who would like to take part in a get together on ANZAC DAY march 2019 in Echuca VIC. Then for a few days after. Please contact
Allan (below) or Paul McDermott
Contact: Allan Etherington
0402 945 634
Seeking Chillcot, Graham and Willmont
Seeking whereabouts of Abuw Chillcott, Leading Cook Zero Graham, PO Vic Willmont, Larrakeyah Barracks, Darwin 1968.
Contact: Barry Howard
0490 401 220
Skakey Mcnamarra
3RAR Signal Platoon Woodside. Comes from Tasmania. Skakey, do you remember the OR'S boozer called the Shat?

Contact: Geoff Corbett
0420 362 223
Seeking Survivors HMAS Mildura trip to Monte Bello
RAN, RANR, RANR NS who travelled on HMAS Mildura to the Monte Bello in April to June 1952 and February to May 1953. I have some information I would like to share and talk about our experiences.
Contact: Robin Johnson
0431 970 937
Seeking AB W.F (Bill) Hawson P.A 4601
Flinders Naval Depot, January 1944.
Contact: Rex Brennan
08 8361 8080
Seeking Alan/Allan Muir (or Piddlesden)
Seeking my first cousin, Alan Muir (possibly spelled Allan/Allen) who I believe joined the Australian Navy around 1970 (possibly later). He was born about 1953 to Alan Muir and Shirley Piddlesden. Any information appreciated.
Contact: Roberta Muir
Monte Bello Nuclear Testing 1952 to 1958
Seeking members who served with Geoffrey Giles during his period of service (1955 to 1960) in the Monte Bello islands, (British Nuclear Testing). He was a National Service man with the RAN Reserve.
Contact: Ross Stewart
0438 215 826
Australian Ex-Services Atomic Survivors Association Inc.
RAN servicemen who were aboard HMAShips Fremantle, Junee, Diamentina, Mildura during the BNTests in the 1950’s, please contact me.
Contact: Jim Marlow, National Secretary
08 9455 1337


LT COL George Edward Colvin (1903-1975)
2 RAR Museum is seeking relatives of the late LTCOL George Colvin (1903-1975). He served all during WW2 in the 9th DIV. In 1934 he married Florence Hannah Williams at St Jude's Anglican Church, Randwick; they were later to be divorced. On 22 Nov 1952 he married a widow Alma Beryl ('Pat') Bolger, née Ryan. He died on 6 December 1975, his wife survived him, as did the son of his first marriage.
Contact: Jason Harrison
0419 749 198
Seeking members of 1Pl. A Coy 6RAR Vietnam 69-70
Seeking contact with, or contact details for, the following personnel who served with me in 1 Platoon A Company 6 RAR, in Vietnam during 1969-70. 2792237 Alan Emery, 2789523 Glenn Griffiths, 3795382 Trevor Jones, 3794133 Colin Nicol and 5716153 Kim Thomas. I am putting a photo album together including every member who served with 1 Pl. during that time. I need photos of these members to complete the Album.
Contact: Barry Francis
07 4123 4039 / 0466 013 365
506 Signal Troop Nui Dat May 66 - Apr 67
I would like to communicate with anyone associated with Stan Haas during that time of service in VN. I appreciate the story and photos posted by Ned Tindale in Pronto. Any others? Thank you!
Contact: Greg Wirt
0408 964 604
Rory McGuire, 110 Signals Sqn
Seeking Rory 2789606 Saigon 1969, room mate.
Contact: Alan Proud
02 4951 4036
Lost photos - 110 Signals
Looking for anybody who was in 110 signals around 1969 in Vun Tau. Have been travelling between UK and Aus. Have lost all my photos. Just wondering if anybody would have some.
Contact: Allan Cooper
0406 730 910
Barry (Butch) Conradi from Adelaide
Seeking contact details for Barry who was a Nasho, intake October 1968. I believe he lived in Tailem Bend, SA.
Contact: Marcus Blackmore
0417 001 167
Seeking Ronald Francis Sinclair
Looking for my cousin who was a member of 1RAR in Vietnam in 1965/66 and became WO before leaving service. Due to medical reasons would like to contact him if possable. Any help is gratefully appreciated. Last known location was Cessnock NSW.
Contact: Fran Sinclair
0416 013 987
James Vallins Knight
Seeking relatives of James, service number NX 58059, WW2 Army member who was serving with the 2/4 Pioneer Battalion in the Northern Territory. DOB 16/12/1900. I have found his dog tags while fossicking in outback NT.
Contact: Val Holt
0412 890 307
Found Identification disc Lewis NR
ID Tags Lewis NR 8256820
Contact: Rick Paton
07 3216 5258
Vietnam War - History Project: Peter Clyde Lewis
Seeking contact with Peter - Army veteran Vietnam 1970-71, later a RAAF officer.
Contact: Ernie Chamberlain
0417 652 526
Seeking Neil Bextram
He served with Harvey Wilcox in Vietnam between 1966 - 1967 with either 1 RAR or 6 RAR. Please contact Rosemary Jones on 0438 639 983.
Contact: George Fikerle
0409 908 590
Seeking Michael Williams
Vietnam Veteran Lance Corporal Michael Williams who worked in transport, SME. Last time we met was 1970.
Contact: Frank Parker
07 5444 5082
BELISI Veterans
Seeking any BELISI veteran who was in Bougainville at the Headquarters Element between December 2000 and end February 2001.
Contact: Bob Bak
02 6943 4402
Book "Killing Babies"
An Australian digger recalls his Vietnam War and invites readers to sample the life he and his mates lived. The book is for sale for $24.99. Contact Darryl, "Midabri", Ryalls Rd, Miles QLD 4415.
Contact: Darryl Bishop
Seeking Tony
Left Brisbane in 1970. Not Infantry. I have a black and white photo of him standing next to a Sergeant. Tony is tall, slim build, dark hair and brown eyes I think. Possibly 21 years of age when he left for Vietnam.
Contact: Marian Bewsey
0429 885 660
Feeding soldiers throughout the millenia
I am compiling the story of RAASC Vietnam and in particular feeding soldiers throughout the millenia, not just Vietnam. Personal anecdotes very welcome and bios. Lost a mate? A photo and brief commentary also welcome.
Contact: Russ Morison
0408 947 935
Peter Sharp RAA
Seeking Peter Sharp or anyone from 22PLT B WING 1RTB KAPOOKA JAN 1970. Also Phillip "Shorty" Edwards RAAMC/RAAOC BROADMEADOWS EARLY 70s.
Contact: John Swan
0411 813 715
Seeking Anthony (Dinger) Bell
Served with me in Vietnam 1970/71, engineer.
Contact: Philip White
0467 664 501
Japanese soldier's belongings
My uncle Jack Smith served in PNG and was in Wewak at the end of WWII. We have a Japanese soldier's satchel with his name and service details inside. Does anyone know how we can return these items to family in Japan? Please contact 120 Arnold St, Princes Hill, VIC 3054
Contact: Marian Turnbull
Seeking info on 2790303 Werenfridus van Loon 8RAR South Vietnam
Werenfridus van Loon (known as Van to his mates), began National Service on 17 July 1968. After training was posted to 8RAR and was deployed to SVN from 26 Nov 1969 to 18 Jun 1970. Van died in 1990; I am seeking information, anecdotes, photos, for his family.
Contact: Peter Mitchell
0411 633 411
Seeking Dennis Holmes
SGT Dennis (Zero) Holmes VX 85120 who served as Artillery Artificer with 34th Anti-aircraft Battery on Horn Island 1942/1944 and later Fortress Workshops Torres Strait. His advice needed for the installation of a 3.7 inch anti-aircraft gun in an original gun pit at King Point.
Contact: Gordon Cameron
0437 782 240
Seeking Signalman Harry Ford
Seeking contact details for Harry Ford. Served together 139 Signal Squadron early 1990's. Harry started his career as a linesman then changed over to Technician. Last know posting was School of Signals Watsonia.
Contact: Brett Mellross
0407 644 440
Vietnam War - History Project: Captain Ron Nissen
Seeking contact with Captain Ron Nissen (Aust Int Corps), HQ 1 ATF 1970-71.
Contact: Ernest Chamberlain
0417 653 526
Seeking John Errol McDonnell
Looking for old mate, John Errol McDonnell, Cpl, 217816. Ex 9 RAR. SVN.
Any infomation would be appreciated.
Contact: Dennis McKellar
0412 562 000
Seeking Lawrence Albert
Lost contact with Lawrence and Irene was 1988. Last known address was whilst he was serving at Enoggera as a Cpl. At the time I was in the RAAF at Amberly.
Contact: Frank & Wendy Weber
0437 409 033
Seeking Dereck Green
Was a nasho 18 pl 1rtb Kapooka early 1971. Was from NT. Would like to catch up.
Contact: Bob Javens
08 9964 1909
We are trying to get as many ex-Para Riggers together as we can. We have been assembling at various locations on ANZAC Day, mainly one of the Rigger's home towns. The more the merrier. Always looking for old and new contacts. It is great getting the Trade back together.
Contact: Steve (Stiffy) Neilson.
0409 137 757
66 BN and 2 RAR Members
The 2 RAR Museum, located in Townsville, QLD would like to hear from any 66 BN and 2 RAR members from BCOF, Korea and Malaya and obtain any photos and memorabilia to display and preserve in the collection for future soldiers and for current and ex-members as well as their families to appreciate and admire. We would also like any memories and anecdotes that you can type on a computer. We would also encourage you to visit if you are an ex-member.
Contact: Jason Harrison
0419 749 198
Seeking Wayne Thomas 8RAR 1969-71
Seeking contact details for Wayne originally Dandenong, Victoria.
Contact: Trevor Oates
0409 378 570
Seeking members 2 Section Alpha Company 6 Platoon 1RTB 30/05/90 Enlistment
David Palmer RAINF 1st RAR. Jason Keeling RAINF 2nd/4th RAR. Jason Hossack AAAvn. GNR Cusack 4th Fld Regt RAA. CFN Jamie Munier RAEME. Any 6 Pl & or 2 section member please contact James. Mick TASSIE Howells passed away.
Contact: James
0450 797 443
Seeking Richard Wayne DUNFORD
Last known address Byron Bay or Dubbo, NSW. Served with me in Vietnam in 7 RAR, A Company 3 Platoon in 1970-71. Lost contact several years ago.
Contact: Stan Connor
0428 827 080
Concerning VX8260 WO W.E.Beauchamp HQ 1 Aust Corps 1941
I have in my possession an inordinate amount of paperwork relating to the above. It includes: letters, typed, beautifully written and most informative of Cairo, the Sinai desert and Alexandria;
a letter from Sgt. J Lord May 1941; a picture of George Mirkell and the Queen Mother Feb 1958; notices of her visit (Melbourne Sun).
Contact: Kip Read
0412 274 275
Maps, weapons Operation manuals concerning events in PNG and Sinai 1941
Seeking relatives of WO W.E. 'Fitzpatrick' Beauchamp VX 8260. Letters, maps, operational manuals, leave passes, church service notices and newspapers in my possession. They concern the above and Sgt. J Lord.
Contact: Kip Read
0412 274 275
Seeking ex members of 4KAR, 4RARd^Z, 2/4RAR & 4RAR/Cdo,
Ex members living in SA - we seek help in contacting other ex members who made need assistance, be ill, or have recently passed away without the knowledge of their old mates.
Contact: 4RAR Sec/Editor
08 82640614.
Would DAVID SWANN or DAVID SWANSEA formerly of Toowoomba or any person knowing his whereabouts please contact Lucy Salerno of the Office of the Official Solicitor to The Public Trustee of Queensland, GPO Box 1449, BRISBANE QLD 4001, Fax: (07) 3213 9486, by 7 December 2018.
Contact: Lucy Salerno
07 3213 9378
Seeking ex-Serviceman Gerald (Gerry) Gaston
I worked with Gerry at International Harvester Company in Geelong in 1973. Heard that he moved up to Daintree. He claims to have spent many happy days in the Army - he would have been possibly in Supply or Transport. He said he used to drive the All Wheel Drive International Trucks.
Contact: Ben de Zylva
0414 469 042
Seeking John Charlton Service No 1735946
Served with 3 RAR South Vietnam 15/02/1971 to 12/08/1971. Was from Nanango Black Butt, Qld and later moved to Campbelltown, NSW. Had a brother Wayne and two sisters in the 1960's.
Contact: Phillip Butler
0428 055 435
James Moon
Seeking a photograph of my late brother in law James Moon, service # NX23373. He was an Ex POW in Switzerland and a member of A Co. 2/13 Battalion. I have heard there may be a book containing a photo of the whole Battalion.
Contact: Diana Moon
02 4341 5404
Seeking Members B Coy 9Pl National Service Intake 1st October 1969 (WA) Puckapunyal
Seeking contact with members of 18th National Service Intake October 1969 (WA) at Puckapunyal for 50th Reunion to be held in Fremantle on Thursday 10 October 2019.
Contact: Don Greer / Jeff Connelly
0428 915 605 / 0407 479 648
VW Country Buggy
I would like to contact any service personel who were at Bandiana or Puckapunyal army bases when the VW Country Buggies were evaluated for the army. This is for historical reasons only.
Contact: Rob Sturgeon
0409 933 234
Help needed - Sally Graham
Seeking a couple of people who may have been friends with my mum, Sally Graham, who has now passed. I know she had friends named Garry and Christine Millar, and her best friend was Sandy Gill. She was stationed 10WRAAC in Enoggera, Brisbane.
Contact: Jess
0413 163 189
Seeking 36830 George Patrick Spencer ALSC-1 COY RAASC 1966
Seeking George who wrote "The Joy of Supplies". Am writing a book about RAASC Vietnam. Please contact me, or if you know where I can find him, please let me know.
Contact: Russ Morison, Secretary, RAASC Vietnam Supply Platoons Assoc
0408 947 935

Air Force

Seeking Richard Green
He was at the Airforce Base west of Sydney in the late 1960s. I would like to know what happened to him over the years.
Contact: Sandra-Lea Carmady
0420 560 747
Ian and Stephen Ch/Shadwick
Searching for my twin brothers, who I believe were in the “services” - Airforce or Navy. Our mother was Cynthia May Passmore (dec. Jan 4 2016) and we were separated at birth, I am told, by adoption. I have little information but I believe their names are Ian and Stephen Ch/Shadwick; they trained in Perth WA, stationed in Brisbane and Sydney? I hope that someone knows of them and helps me find them.
Contact: Carol Maney
0455 022 268
LAC Norman Carter
We met one night when Doug and Denise brought you along to partner me. I lived with parents in Salisbury SA while you and Doug were at Edinburgh Air Base. My parents freaked out when you walked me to the front door and saw me with you standing there in uniform. They made sure we never saw each other again. You left with a piece of my heart that night. I would love to speak with you.
Contact: Shirley Veale (nee James)
0404 552 705
The 'Bushranger' Story on CD
The first edition describes the development and introduction to operational service of the RAAF 'Bushranger' Iroquois helicopter gunship during the Vietnam War. The second edition embraces interesting US Army and RAAF helicopter force development information. Each CD is $10.00 including postage.
Contact: Brian Dirou, DFC
07 4819 1513
Seeking info on Ex WRAAF Ann Shaw (maiden name)
Ann was at No 1AD RAAF Base, Laverton VIC in 1960. Seeking her location, married name and any other details. Ann would now be in her mid 70's.
Contact: N Kirwan
08 8381 3329 or 0411 401 341
RAAF Post WW2 Trained Aircrew Signallers
I put out a request for Signaller and AEO Course photos for inclusion in the Radschool Assoc Magazine (RAM). The response has been outstanding, although Nos 1, 4, 6 and 8A are still adrift. Thanks to the following - Ron Letch, Bill Dixon, Fred Ward, Brian Marrick, Joe Potter, Chris Sunden, Peter May, Brian Bell, Gordon Johnstone, Curly Gibbon, Kevin Murray, Trevor Medhurst, and the Vetaffairs team. Special mention is made of Trevor Benneworth for publishing the photographs in the RAM magazine.
Contact: J the T (Jim Treadwell)
02 4967 4462
No4 PTI Course
Seeking any of No4 PTI Course or PTI's from Pt Cook in the early 60's that are still above ground.
Contact: Peter Lane
0438 523 199


Battle for Australia National Commemoration
The annual Battle for Australia National Commemoration will be held in the Captain Reg Saunders Courtyard of the Australian War Memorial on Wednesday 5 September 2018 commencing at 11:00 am. Those attending should be seated by 10:45 am.
Contact: COL John Jackson RFD ED (Retd)
02 6288 3373
NJF Veterans Exercise
Entitled DVA clients may be referred for safe and clinically effective Exercise Physiology treatment by their general practitioner on a valid D904 referral form. DVA entitlements include: DVA Health Cards (Gold and White) are accepted as payment upon a GP referral
Contact: Nick
Private Walter Henry Harrison
A last post service at AWM has been arranged for Private Harrison MIA, First World War, service number 3852, 4 October 2018.
Contact: Leonie Pinson
02 4385 1751
Veterans' Reference Group (VRG) - Call for Members
If you are a veteran or current/ex-service person, a family member of a veteran or current/ex-service person, someone with a demonstrated interest in veterans’ issues or a professional service provider in the ex-service space, you are invited to express interest in becoming a member of the Tasmanian Government’s Veterans’ Reference Group.

The Reference Group provides insights and advice to the Tasmanian Government on a range of veterans’ issues. Expressions of interest close on 19 October 2018
Contact: Veterans' Reference Group
03 6232 7133
Historic Motorcycle Club QLD
Formed in September 1970 and comprises 15 areas. Club eligible motorcycles are those constructed before 31 December of the year 30 years prior to the current year with current cut-off date 31 December 1987. If you are a club member you can obtain S.I.V. registration at $174.00. Brisbane meetings are held 2nd Monday at 7.30 pm, Veteran Car Club, 1376 Old Cleveland Road, Carindale. Great for veterans returning from service to restore a Veteran Motorcycle or a Classic Bike.
Contact: Ian Rennie
0426 366 694
Armistice is an exciting new theatrical performance reflecting on Australia’s wartime and peace-keeping history combining song, music, dance, spoken word and archival footage. Marking 100 years since the end of WWI, Armistice will recognise a centenary of service, sacrifice and achievement. This special performance on Remembrance Day reflects QPAC’s commitment to provide opportunities for Queensland artists to tell stories about our rich culture and history. It’s an opportunity for Queenslanders to create a work of national significance.

Contact: Queensland Performing Arts Centre
136 246
Queensland Seniors Diary 2019
Seniors Diary taking the theme of legal issues faced by aging Australians to help better understand your rights and responsibilities.
Contact: Renai McCullagh
07 3637 6000
ex 25 CSP ex WRAAC Q
Seeking Peter Grand Sgt ex 52 Combat Supply Pl between 1980 and 1982, W/o WSM WRAAC School between 1982 and 1984.

Contact: Ron Richards
0423 229 161
Free access to Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney
ADF personnel and veterans now receive free entry to the Museum. Personnel need to show a valid ADF ID card, service medals or arrive in uniform to be given free entry. Complimentary admission includes access to the museum’s Action Stations experience, telling the story of life in the Navy, the opportunity to climb aboard former-Navy destroyer HMAS Vampire and submarine HMAS Onslow. The offer also includes a 10% discount at the museum store and café. The offer runs until September 2020.
Contact: National Maritime Museum
02 9298 3777
Pilgrimage to Malaysia in 2019
The annual pilgrimage to Malaysia will take place from Wednesday 12 June to Sunday 16 June 2019. This event is conducted by the National Malaya & Borneo Veterans Association of Australia, and held in the West Malaysian city of Ipoh. Details can be found on Direct contact can be made with the NMBVAA International Liaison Officer, Ian Holthouse on 0477 160 097 or email
Contact: Ken McNeill
(03) 6383 4677
Butterfly Computer Solutions - Discounts for Veterans
We offers discounted pricing for veterans and active service people for your computer needs. Custom built Desktop PCs, laptop and desktop computer sales, upgrades, repairs, virus/malware removal, software sales, certified cyber security specialist. We believe in honesty and integrity above all else.
Contact: Darren Hollingsworth
0428 890 777