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Using this website

Navigating around


Use the 'breadcrumb' trail at the top of every page to go up a level, or return to the section's entry page. For example, the breadcrumbs on this page are:

Home > Site help > Using this website

You are on 'Using this website' page. Both 'Site help' and 'Home' are links. Choosing 'Site help' will take you to the entry page for the 'Site help' section. Choosing 'Home' will take you to the website home page. This applies across the whole website.

The horizontal menu across the top of the page

The global navigation stays the same right across the website. It allows you to easily go to the high level information you are looking for. Information is grouped into 'Benefits and Payments', 'Health and Wellbeing', 'Consultation and Grants', 'Providers' and 'Commemoration and War Graves'.

The blue navigation on the left of the page

The blue navigation panel changes depending on where you are in the website. Use the menu items to drill down and find more detailed information about the content area you are in at the time.

Links in footer of page

The links in the footer take you to information about the department. You can quickly acces information 'About DVA', or jump direct to the Minister's website. The 'Media centre' is easily reached, as are these 'Site help' pages. You can find our 'Tools and calculators', and 'Contact us' by phone and email, and give 'Feedback' if you are not happy with an aspect of DVA's service.

Footer links

The footer links panels on the bottom of the page allow you to easily move around the site to go straight to information that might be useful to you.


Type a key word into the white search box in the top right corner of the screen and click on the 'Search' button (or use the 'enter' key on your keyboard). You will then see a list of pages that contain the word you have entered. Generally, the most likely pages will be close to the top of the list.

DVA Facts

DVA factsheets provide the veteran community, serving members, ex-service organisations and service providers with information about the benefits and services available from DVA.

DVA Forms

Veterans, ex-service organisations and service providers can use this system to access forms used by the department.


CLIK stands for the Consolidated Library of Information and Knowledge. The department uses this system to store and access information about its relevant legislation, policy and reference material.

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