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Site Help

  • Using this website
    Information and hints for navigating your way around this website.
  • Acronyms and abbreviations

    This page contains some of the acronyms and abbreviations used on this website. If you come across a term that is not on the list, send us some feedback immediately so we can update the list.  

  • Downloading Files

    In most cases, files on this web site are provided in an accessible HTML web format (see Accessibility page). This website contains documents in a number of formats. The most common are PDF files, Microsoft (MS) Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and multimedia (e.g. audio) files.

  • Links to other web sites

    Links to external websites do not constitute an endorsement or a recommendation of any material on those sites or of any third party products or services offered by, from or through those sites.

  • PDF documents

    Some content on the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) website is provided in PDF (portable document format). You will need a PDF reader on your system in order to view and print PDF files. A list of free PDF readers is available via the Australian Government Web Guide website.

  • Resizing text

    You can enlarge the size of text on web pages if the text is too small for you to read easily. Follow the steps below for three popular browsers on a Windows system, and Safari on Macintosh and Windows.

  • Scam information

    The Department of Veterans’ Affairs is aware of scam activity which specifically targets DVA clients. Below is some information on potential scams and measures you can take to avoid being scammed.

  • Sensitive emails

    The Department of Veterans’ Affairs Secure Mail Facility has been introduced to enable the secure communication of Sensitive information between the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and external parties over the internet.