DVA’s role in providing Transition Management Services to those ADF members medically discharging ceased on 30 September 2011.  From this date, Defence has full responsibility for transition services. Members separating from the ADF should contact the Defence Transition Support Services to assist with the separation process.

Before separating from the ADF, please contact a DVA On Base Advisor or Veterans Access Network (VAN) officer to find out what DVA benefits and services you may be entitled to.

DVA has On Base Advisors located in or near the Defence Health Centre of over 35 ADF bases. An On Base Advisor can assist you with understanding possible entitlements and lodging a claim for DVA benefits and services.

On Base Advisory Service.


The VVCS – Veterans and Veterans' Families Counselling Service provides two-day Stepping Out workshops for service members about to separate.

See: Stepping Out program under 'Health & wellbeing'

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