DVA treatment cards

Reissue of DVA cards

DVA has reissued all DVA cards to all eligible veterans, war widows/widowers and dependants. All cards have now been posted to DVA cardholders.

DVA issues treatment cards to veterans, their war widows and widowers and dependants, to ensure that they have access to health and other care services that promote and maintain self-sufficiency, well-being and quality of life.

These pages give a quick reference for Local Medical Officers (LMOs) GPs and other health providers, to answer common questions when a patient presents with a DVA treatment card.

Gold card for all conditions:    Go to Gold Card information 

White card for specific conditions:    Go to White Card information

Orange card for pharmaceuticals only:    Go to Orange Card information


See: DVA Treatment Entitlement Cards - June 2012 (PDF 82 KB)

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