Veterans info for RAP aids or appliances

The Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP) assists with the health care needs of the veteran community by providing aids or appliances best suited to their current assessed clinical need.

Some aids or appliances can be prescribed by a suitably qualified health professional without seeking DVA approval before supply. One such aid is for supply of continence products.  You may know these as continence pads, adult diapers and have seen some examples at your supermarket  under brands such as Depend or Poise.

Continence aids are available at DVA expense for eligible veterans  who have a clinically assessed need.  Prescribers of continence products can be either your Local Medical Officer (GP) or a Continence Adviser who can undertake or arrange for an assessment and prescription.

After prescription,  the ongoing provision of appropriate continence aids can be arranged through one of DVA’s contracted suppliers.

Independence Australia - Phone:  1300 788 855
Intouch - Phone: 1800 382 727

Those beneficiaries
already receiving products through DVA will need a new prescription for continence aids every two years. This enables better management of the condition  and to assess if different products are  needed based on any change to the clinical condition.

The Continence Supplier will advise well in advance of the need for a new prescription.  DVA recommends that you seek re supply when you have approximately 1 month of continence products remaining.

For further information about the DVA RAP program and continence supply please call 133 254 (metro) or 1800 555 254 (country).

The Continence Foundation Helpline is a toll free assistance line that can offer support and can be contacted on1800 330 066.