MFS Frequently Asked Questions

Why did DVA move to a national supply model for Mobility & Functional Support (MFS) products?

Under the previous arrangements MFS products were supplied by 21 contracted suppliers with different models for supply in each state.  There was little consistency in the products offered by different suppliers, and prices, service provision and reporting arrangements. 

The objective of the new model is to ensure that veterans have access to consistent, high quality, clinically appropriate aids or appliance services through contractual arrangements. The introduction of a national supply model means that the aids or items to be supplied to all veterans will be consistent from State to State.

Have veteran entitlements to receive aids or appliances under the Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP) changed?

No – Neither the policies nor entitlement for aids or appliance services have altered as a result of this national supply model. 

Who are the DVA contracted national MFS suppliers?
Supplier Phone/Fax  Web address
 Aidacare Ph:   1300 888 052
Fax: 1300 787 052
Allianz Global Assistance
(formerly Mondial)

Ph:  1800 857 715
Ph:  1800 611 842
Ph: 1800 673 272
Fax: 1800 653 556
 Country Care Group Ph:  1800 727 382
Fax: 1800 329 382

BrightSky (formerly ParaQuad)

Ph:  1300 799 243
Fax: 1300 799 253

Is there a new Director Order Form (DOF)?

Yes, it can be found on the DVA website

The new DOF includes boxes you,  (the Prescriber),  must tick to indicate your choice of national supplier.

How do I find out who the subcontractors are for each of these national suppliers ? 

Make contact with each or any of the national contracted suppliers of your choice.

Can I send requests for equipment to sub contractors?

No, requests must be forwarded to the DVA contracted national suppliers only.

Do I have to use the same national supplier all the time for all my MFS prescriptions ?

No.  It is the prescriber’s choice each time equipment is requested.   Prescriptions should be directed to the DVA national supplier of your choice where they will then be directed to the closest and most suitable sub-contractor for delivery in the appropriate timeframe as per the contract arrangements.

Do these 5 national suppliers have the same products?

All should have suitable MFS items to meet the clinical needs of your DVA patients. Brands may differ but similar items of core products will be available through all suppliers. 

Please discuss special or particular needs with the national supplier of your choice.

Will we be supplied with a catalogue of items?

A product catalogue will be available through all national suppliers.  All contracted national suppliers have indicated that catalogues will be available on their websites when the new contract commences on 1 May.   If not, they are required to make a text copy available to prescribers on request.

Do these contracts include off the shelf orthoses ?
(AR00 items – orthoses-splints/supports/braces/slings)

Yes.  Each national supplier has an extensive list of off the shelf orthoses that are now available nationally.  The range should cover all clinical needs so requests should not be sent to non contracted suppliers. 

From 1 May all orders for off the shelf orthoses must be sent to one of the DVA contracted suppliers. 

Will all national suppliers provide minor home modifications?


Delivery/pick-up - are suppliers responsible for all deliveries/pick-ups?

Suppliers are responsible for deliveries and pick-ups and any basic education in order to use the equipment.  Some may offer to set up the equipment if clear height or adjustment details are provided. 

NB  Prescribers should be providing follow up equipment education to ensure its efficacy, safe set up and use of the equipment as prescribed.

The suppliers are required to deliver correctly filled orders, in accordance with the following timeframes for all products and services (other than AL00 – Home Modifications):

For urgent or emergency orders 24 hours
For metropolitan, regional and rural areas  2 days
For remote areas (or not metro, regional or rural) 3 days 

Minor home modifications (AL00) are to be delivered according to the following timeframes:

For urgent or emergency orders 1-2 days
For metropolitan areas (off the shelf) 5 days
For regional, rural and remote areas (off the shelf) 7 days 
Custom built 12 days

Suppliers are to have established contingency arrangements for problems associated with the delivery of MFS products.

If supply of equipment is delayed can requests be directed to another DVA national supplier?

In the first instance you should approach the national supplier to whom you sent the original request in an attempt to resolve the issue.  If no resolution can be reached, and the need for the equipment is urgent, you may consider sending the request to another DVA national supplier.  In this instance the original supplier should be advised that the request has been sent elsewhere for supply.

What is considered an urgent request?

A prescription shall be considered urgent where the prescriber states the entitled person is either a palliative care client or equipment is required to enable the entitled person’s discharge from hospital.

Will equipment be available for trial?

Trial equipment will be available through all national suppliers.  It is the responsibility of the prescriber to follow up with trial outcomes.

What if I have equipment on trial from a non-ongoing supplier on 1 May?

If the trial is successful the equipment needs to be sourced from a DVA contracted national supplier for ongoing supply.

Many of my clients have aids or appliances that have been supplied by contractors who are no longer able to supply.   What happens when this equipment needs repair or is no longer needed?

If equipment needs repair, veterans should contact the original supplier, in the first instance.

Items under warranty will be the responsibility of the existing supplier. 

If the equipment is deemed no longer repairable it will be replaced through a new contracted national supplier. 

When equipment is no longer needed, the original supplier should be contacted to arrange pick up.

DVA is working with previous suppliers to minimise the impact of the new arrangements to the veteran community.  Many previous contractors have been sub contracted to one of the successful national suppliers.  Outgoing suppliers will offer continued support for equipment currently with veterans.

Need more information?

Should you have any additional queries or would like more information, please contact the DVA Provider Hotline:

1300 550 457 (metropolitan areas), or
1800 550 457 (regional areas) and, 
Select Option 1 for RAP.

Periodically new information will appear on the DVA Service Providers web page