The aim of the Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP)

The aim of the Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP) is to achieve and maintain functional independence and/or minimise disability as part of the provision of health care to entitled persons. RAP provides appliances for self-help and rehabilitation purposes according to assessed clinical need.

The equipment provided through the RAP should be:

  • appropriate for its purpose;
  • safe for the particular entitled person;
  • part of the overall management of health care for the entitled person; and
  • specifically designed for persons with an illness or disability, and not widely used by persons without an illness or disability.

Fact sheets, Forms and Further Information

see also: Supplier arrangements for Continence Products from 01/01/2010

National Continence Helpline

The Continence Foundation of Australia (CFA) provides team of continence nurse advisors providing free, confidential advice about bladder and bowel control, plus local referrals, a range of leaflets and product information. A nationwide service for people of all ages with incontinence, their carers, parents and families, clinicians, pharmacists, allied health professionals and the wider community.

Australia-wide free call 1800 33 00 66.