RAP assistance for veterans in aged care

Residential Aged Care (RACF) / nursing homes /aged care homes are required to provide their residents, including veterans, war widows and war widowers, with rehabilitation aids or equipment to meet each resident’s needs. 

This equipment includes:

  • Bedding/mattresses/suitable and appropriate pressure relieving mattresses;
  • Equipment to aid mobility e.g. wheelchairs and walking frames;
  • Seating / Arm chairs;   
  • Shower chairs; and
  • Oxygen therapy and equipment.

DVA may supply certain items to veterans, war widows and war widowers receiving aged care where eligibility criteria are met.  These include aids which are required to be customised such as low vision aids, or “personal items” like compressions stockings and medical grade footwear.  These will need to be prescribed by a suitably qualified health professional.

Continence products (adult diapers), can be considered for DVA beneficiaries in low care only.  High care residents are provided their products under the funding scheme managed by the RACF.

If you are looking to enter aged or supported care and if DVA has already supplied RAP equipment such as an armchair, walking frame, you may be able to take it with you subject to the agreement of the facility.  It is important to discuss this with facility management before entry. 

For further information about the DVA RAP program for veteran clients please call 133 254 (metro) or 1800 555 254 (country).

Further Information:

Factsheet HSV107 Rehabilitation Appliances Program (PDF 24.9KB)

The Continence Foundation Helpline is a toll free assistance line that can offer support and can be contacted on1800 330 066.

The Aged Care Information Line  provided information on government-funded aged care homes and community care.  Ph 1800 500 853

Aged Care Complaints Scheme – a free service which investigates concerns about any aspect of an Australian Government subsidised aged care service that should be provided to people receiving care.  Ph 1800 550 552