Schedule and guidelines

The revised National Schedule of Equipment lists more than 250 items available under the Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP), with increases in the financial and quantity limits on several items available to entitled members of the veteran community.  Outdated items have been removed from the Schedule, and new items added offering improved results.

In addition, Local Medical Officers and other general practitioners can now assess for all RAP items where a specialist health provider is unavailable. This will help to avoid delays in the assessment and supply processes for people in regional and remote areas.

Other changes to the schedule include a revised format and improved guidance to health providers.

Prior Approval funding for RAP items

From 1 November 2010 an increase will apply to those items listed on the RAP Schedule with defined financial limits above which prior approval is required.

There are currently 39 such items on the RAP Schedule. The RAP Schedule has now been updated to reflect these new financial limits.

The increase is in response to a decision by the Repatriation Commission that annual indexation should be applied to those items on the RAP Schedule with financial limits for prior approval to address increasing purchasing costs.

In future years, all RAP items with financial limits for prior approval will be indexed annually from 1 November.

RAP Schedule of Equipment