Medical Grade Footwear

Prescribing DVA Medical Grade Footwear (MGF) and Orthosis

In accordance with the Treatment Principles, which are prepared by the Repatriation Commission under Section 90 of the Veterans’ Entitlements Act 1986, the Department can supply aids and equipment for eligible persons.

The aim of the Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP)

The aim of the Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP) is to achieve and maintain functional independence and/or minimise disability as part of the provision of health care to entitled persons. RAP provides appliances for self-help and rehabilitation purposes, for exclusive personal home use.

The RAP Program via a variety of supply arrangements provides equipment according to assessed clinical need.

The equipment provided through the RAP Program should be:

  1. appropriate for its purpose;
  2. safe for the particular entitled person;
  3. part of the overall management of health care for the entitled person; and
  4. specifically designed for persons with an illness or disability, and is not widely used by persons without an illness or disability.

Never prescribed DVA MGF or have not prescribed for a long time?

Please view the short power point presentation before you consider prescription of medical grade footwear for DVA clients.

Footwear prescribers' online workshop - powerpoint presentation (1.6 MB)

MGF services are provided with an aim to restore, facilitate or maintain functional independence and/or minimise disability, deformity or dysfunction as part of the provision of quality health care services to eligible veterans.

Is Prior Approval necessary before Prescription of MGF?

Revisit slide 42 in the attached presentation

How many pairs of shoes can be prescribed at any given time?

Revisit slide 40 in the attached presentation

Basic principles to consider when assessing footwear needs:


  • Slide 11,
  • Slide 14 - Order of clinical interventions as appropriate, and
  • Slide 15.

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Contact a DVA Podiatry Adviser ?

DVA Health Provider Line

  • 1300 550 457 (metro)
  • 1800 550 457 (regional)
  • Option 1 for RAP (aids and appliances & medical grade footwear)
  • Option 3 for Medical & Allied Health (podiatry treatment)