Recipient Created Tax Invoice (RCTI) 

RCTI Agreement Form

2008 Agreement between Recipient and Supplier for the Provision of Recipient Created Tax Invoices (RCTI) (as relates to providers of services to DVA) (PDF 31kb)

Who requires an RCTI agreement?

  1. An RCTI agreement is needed for each entity in your organisational structure that is registered for GST and supplies goods or services to DVA or to veterans and beneficiaries.
  2. If there are more than one of these entities, please make 2 copies of the blank RCTI agreement for each entity that is registered separately for GST.

How to sign the RCTI agreement?

  • Complete and sign one copy of the RCTI Agreement, return to Medicare Australia, GST Program, GPO Box 2956, Adelaide, SA  5001
  • Note: The person(s) should be authorised to sign the agreement. If signing the agreement on behalf of an organisation or like entity, the person should be authorised to sign and bind the organisation to the terms of the agreement.
  • When the signed original is received, Medicare Australia, on DVA’s behalf, will sign and retain the agreement.



Name of GST registered entity or, if applicable, GST registered branch (correct legal description, ie, as shown on Australian Business Register [] and as advised by the Australian Taxation Office.)

The name of this entity is that of the entity that issues tax invoices for GST purposes, eg

  • John/Jane Smith [individual]
  • XYZ Pty Ltd [private company]
  • XYZ Pty Ltd as trustee for ABC Family Trust
  • John Smith and Mary Able [partnership]
  • If you have a trading name, provide ‘[name of entity] trading as …….’
  • If you are a GST registered branch (site), provide name of branch

ABN and, if applicable, branch registration number (total of 11 or 14 digits)

__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

Leave the last 3 spaces blank if you only have 11 digits in your ABN.

The last 3 digits are sometimes referred to as a Client Activity Centre number. You will have an extra 3 digits if the relevant entity is a branch that is registered for GST. That entity should be one through which goods and services are provided to DVA or to veterans and other beneficiaries.

Under what name is the current contract with DVA if it is different from the name of the supplier stated above (correct legal description):

If the name of the person/entity that has entered into an agreement with DVA is the same name as the entity that is registered for GST, write ‘As above’ in this box.

Otherwise, write the name as it appears in the agreement.

DVA Primary Provider Number linked to the GST registered entity (relevant to health care providers only)

If you are not registered with DVA as health service supplier (provider), you must register with DVA prior to completing the RCTI agreement.

If you are a DVA registered health service supplier (provider), provide the Provider Number (payee or service Provider Number) that is linked to the GST registered entity.

Street Address of the principal practice:

Provide the street address of the principal practice attached to the GST registered entity.

Postal Address for notices:

Provide the address where you want all official correspondence to be sent.

This address may be different from the address to which you have asked DVA payments to be sent.

Contact Name and Phone Number:

Provide the name and phone number of the person who is authorised to answer questions about this matter.

If the GST registered entity is not an individual, provide the name and phone number of the person who is authorised to speak on behalf of that entity.

See: RCTI Agreement Form (PDF 31 KB)