Booked Car Scheme
(Booked Car Scheme is also known as ‘Booked Car with Driver’)

The Booked Car Scheme is available to eligible DVA clients when they attend a health provider for approved medical treatment.  Under this scheme, which focuses on a high quality and reliable service, local taxi and hire car providers are contracted to DVA to arrange suitable vehicles to transport DVA clients to their medical appointment on time.

NSW Country Taxi Voucher Scheme (CTVS)

A NSW country Local Medical Officer (LMO) may, when medically necessary or at the request of DVA, issue taxi vouchers to entitled persons residing in country areas who require assistance when travelling for treatment purposes. This Scheme does not operate in the metropolitan areas of Sydney, Canberra or Wollongong, or for travel across the borders into Victoria and Queensland.

When issuing taxi vouchers the LMO must bear in mind that:

  • taxi vouchers should be issued only to entitled veterans who satisfy the medical criteria and who are entitled to travel under DVA arrangements
  • entitled veterans must be referred to the closest practical health provider; and
  • an entitled veteran must travel with a DVA contracted transport provider.

Where entitled persons in country areas of NSW require urgent travel for treatment outside of normal DVA business hours and a taxi voucher is not available, you should telephone your local DVA contracted transport provider and advise your journey details and DVA file number. DVA will arrange payment of this journey direct with the contracted transport provider.


  • urgent travel after hours that has not been pre-arranged
  • a hospital discharge is required after hours where travel has not been pre-arranged

For a list of NSW country DVA contracted transport providers see:
NSW Country Taxi Voucher Scheme (PDF 413 KB) (XLS 54 KB)

Information for Health Providers

Health providers can arrange transport under the Booked Car Scheme on behalf of the DVA client by contacting DVA directly or through accessing the online transport booking system (refer to details below). 

If the DVA client is aged 79 years or less, not legally blind or not suffering dementia, health providers must certify that the DVA client meets certain medical criteria.

To ensure continuity of service for DVA clients and to assist in booking transport, DVA has a new health provider online transport booking system which uses a secure internet web interface. Bookings can be made using this system for future, same day and ready now bookings. This system even provides the ability to indicate on the initial booking that a return journey will be required. In most cases, if travel is on the same day, the same transport company that took the DVA client to the treatment location will also take them home. The driver that takes the DVA client to the treatment location should provide them with the transport companys phone number to call when they are ready to go home. If you originally indicated that a return booking was required, there is no need to log back into the health provider booking system to request a return journey.

Information on how to register and login to make online transport bookings is available in the step by step Health Provider Registration and User Login guides below.

Health Provider Registration (PDF 431KB) (Word 743KB)

Health Provider User Log in (PDF 437KB) (Word 580KB)

Enquiries regarding access to the online health provider transport booking system can be sent to:

For more information about the Booked Car Scheme, see the following Factsheet:

Information for Transport Providers

Most of DVA’s transport bookings are dispatched the day prior to travel and can arrive in the form of fax, secure online submission or through accessing DVA’s online transport booking system.

See: DVA’s Guidelines for Transport Providers (PDF 553 KB) (Word 190 KB).

The performance of transport providers, such as the volume of work handed back, punctuality, driver behaviour etc will be monitored by DVA, including any feedback received from DVA clients. This information may be used by DVA to determine the volume of work allocated.

Contacting DVA

Call 133 254 or 1300 550 455 (metropolitan areas) or 1800 550 455 (regional areas) to make transport bookings or report any transport issues, or complaints with drivers or service.

For enquiries regarding access to the online health provider booking system, e-mail

General enquiries can also be emailed to