Fee schedules

The new DVA fee schedules are now available on the DVA website.

Fees effective 1 July 2014.

This section provides the latest fee schedules for:

  • Dental and Allied Health
  • GPs, LMOs and Specialists
  • Software Vendors

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Department of Veterans’ Affairs fee indexation arrangements

As a result of a decision in the 2014-15 Budget, the 1 July 2014 indexation of the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) will be restricted to General Practitioner services.  The next scheduled indexation for all other MBS and DVA specific medical items will be 1 July 2016.

DVA is aligning indexation dates for dental and allied health provider fees with the MBS measure, and the next indexation for these services will also be on 1 July 2016.

The General Practitioner services to be indexed are the services listed in the DVA Local Medical Officer Fee Schedule and the Derived Fees – Ready Reckoner for Local Medical Officers. Please note changes to Veterans Access Payments (VAP) fees can be found at the “Derived Fees Ready Reckoner for Local Medical Officers” webpage.

For a full list of MBS services to be indexed on 1 July 2014 see the Department of Health website

The following DVA items will also be indexed on 1 July 2014:

  • Co-ordinated Veterans Care (CVC) - Items UP01, UP02, UP03, UP04
  • In-Home Telemonitoring for Veterans - Items UP20, UP21
  • Clinical Notes (Repatriation Comprehensive Care Scheme) - Items CN01, CN02, CN03, CN04
  • Medication Reviews – Items CP20, CP21

This measure will have no impact on those MBS items which are not subject to indexation.  The MBS items that are not subject to indexation are as follows:

  • Group A2 (other non-referred attendances)
  • item 173 in Group A7 (acupuncture)
  • items 598 and 600 in Group A11 (urgent attendances after hours)
  • Group A19 (PIP incentive payments, other nonreferred)
  • Group A23 (other nonreferred after hours attendances)
  • items 15700, 15705, 15710, 15800 and 15850 in Group T2 (Radiation oncology)
  • Groups I1-I5
  • Diagnostic Imaging, and
  • Groups P1-P11 and P13 Pathology.