Dose Administration Aid (DAA) Service

Summary of fees for GPs and LMOs (effective 1 November 2012):

Description, item number and LMO fee


Item No.

LMO Fee (115% MBS)1

Home Medicines Review2 MBS 900 $174.55
  • VAPAC authorisation
  • Prescribe six months DAA
MBS Consult3  
  • VAPAC authorisation
  • Refers to community pharmacist for Veteran’s Six Month Review (VSMR)
MBS Consult4  
Assess and review VSMR CP42 $50.00

1 Only GPs registered as Local Medical Officers (LMOs) with Medicare Australia receive the higher fee (115% MBS).

2 Home Medicines Review (also known as a Domiciliary Medication Management Review) can be claimed once in a 12-month period except where there is significant change in the patient’s condition – new diagnosis, discharge from hospital.
HMR is no longer a pre-requisite to commencing the DAA Service. However, DVA recommends strongly that an HMR is conducted within the first six-month cycle where no other HMR has been performed within the preceding 12 months.

3-4 The relevant consultation item from the Medicare Benefits Schedule will need to be claimed.