What rehabilitation services does DVA provide?

The three main areas of rehabilitation DVA may provide, are:

  • Medical rehabilitation which can be as simple as having physiotherapy for a sprained ankle, or as complex as teaching you to walk again with special equipment to help you to manage your daily activities.
  • Psychosocial rehabilitation may involve such things as referral to community support services, adjustment counselling, skill development,  lifestyle programs, attendant care services, drug and alcohol management programs or assistance for you and your family to adjust to your changed circumstances or just to help get you through a difficult time.
  • Vocational rehabilitation is the process of assisting you to return to the workforce. You might need assistance to adapt in your current job or assistance to find, or to train for, a more suitable job.

The services you may be eligible for are determined by the Act your claim is accepted under. See Accessing rehabilitation services in DVA to determine if you are eligible for the above services.