Rehabilitation Services Information Pack

As part of DVA’s commitment to continuous improvement of its rehabilitation services, a Rehabilitation Services Information Pack has been developed. The pack encourages rehabilitation providers to seek to deliver a comprehensive best-practice rehabilitation service that is biopsychosocial, client centred and holistic in its approach. The pack explains DVA’s rehabilitation philosophy and equips providers with a better understanding of its rehabilitation clients. This resource also seeks to improve national consistency and rehabilitation outcomes for Australia’s current and former military personnel.

Specific areas covered in the pack include:

  • The Department’s rehabilitation philosophy and principles guiding rehabilitation;
  • Demographic characteristics and post injury issues for DVA’s clients;
  • The ADF ‘military culture’ and system;
  • The role of the DVA Rehabilitation Coordinator; and
  • DVA rehabilitation reporting documents.

We have ensured that the document is easy to navigate, visually appealing and concise. This resource will assist to ensure the rehabilitation services provided by DVA continue to be of the highest quality.

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Rehabilitation Services Information Pack Reporting Documents

Chapter 9 of the Rehabilitation Services Information Pack details DVA's rehabilitation reporting documents and referral process, which are provided below. The following reporting documents outline DVA's expectations and requirements for the quality and practices of rehabilitation and to provide direction and assistance in the use and implementation of DVA rehabilitation reports.