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Yellow necrotic wound with low exudate

Yellow necrotic wound with low exudate
Primary Secondary Ancillary
Hydrogel or Hydrogel sheet Plus Foam dressing  
Hydrocolloid paste

Plus Foam dressing


Plus Film dressing

Hydrocolloid sheet
Polysaccharide iodine

Aim: Remove slough and absorb exudate.

In particular use amorphous hydrogels, as they rehydrate, or hydrocolloid, to aid in the removal of slough.

Amorphous hydrogels should be covered with a true foam, as some foam-like products will absorb the gel.

Hydrocolloid paste should be covered by a foam or film dressing. Hydrocolloid dressings need no secondary dressing. Polysaccharide Iodine may also be used.

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