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Wound identification and dressing selection chart

Wound identification and dressing selection chart (PDF 7.2MB)

Chart Legend

  • Hydrocolloid sheet e.g. Duoderm®/ComfeelTM, Replicare UltraTM, Hydrocoll®
    Hydrocolloid sheet
  • Hydrocolloid paste e.g.Duoderm Paste®
    Hydrocolloid paste
  • Hydrogel e.g. IntraSite GelTM, Comfeel Purilon GelTM, SolositeTM, DuoDERM GelTM, Flaminal Hydro and ForteTM, SolugelTM
    Hydrogel sheet e.g. HydrosorbTM, NuGelTM
  • Medicinal honey e.g. Algivon Plus®, Algivon Plus Ribbon®
    Medicinal honey
  • Mechanical Debridement e.g. scalpel, scissors
    Mechanical debridement
  • Foam dressings silicone e.g. Mepilex® and Mepilex Border, AllevynTM, Allevyn GentleTM, Allevyn Gentle BorderTM, Allevyn LifeTM
    Foam dressings regular e.g. Lyofoam MaxTM, PermaFoam®
    Foam dressings
  • Alginate e.g. Kaltostat®, Algisite MTM, SorbsanTM, Comfeel SeasorbTM
  • Alginate cavity filler e.g. Kaltostat®, Algisite MTM, SorbsanTM, Comfeel SeasorbTM
    Alginate cavity filler
  • Non-adherent dressings low absorbant e.g. MelolinTM, CutilinTM, Telfa®
    Non-adherent dressings low absorbant
  • Non-adherent dressings high absorbant e.g.Exu DryTM, Mesorb®, Zetuvit®
    Non-adherent dressings high absorbant
  • Zinc paste bandages e.g. ZipZocTM, Gelocast®
    Zinc paste bandages
  • Alginate alternative fibre e.g. Aquacel®, Aquacel ExtraTM
    Alginate alternative fibre
  • Systemic antibiotics (dependent on type of bacteria)
    Systemic antibiotics
  • Antibacterial fibre e.g. Sorbact®
    Antibacterial fibre
  • Topical antibiotic (use only if clinical signs of infection) e.g. Metronidazole Gel
    Topical antibiotic
  • Tulle e.g. AdapticTM, Atruaman®, CuticerinTM, Silicone Tulle Mepital®
  • Shaped cavity foam dressings e.g. CavicareTM, Allevyn Cavity DressingsTM
    Shaped cavity foam dressings
  • Film dressings e.g. OpSiteTM, TegadermTM Mepitel Film, OpSite Gentle
    Film dressings
  • Odour absorbing dressings Alginate (contain charcoal) e.g. CarboflexTM, Activated Charcoal Actisorb PlusTM
    Odour absorbing dressings
  • Island film dressings e.g. Opsite PostOpTM, Cutifilm PlusTM, Tegaderm Plus PadTM, Elastoplast Aqua Protect®
    Island film dressing
  • Silver dressings e.g. ActicoatTM, Blatain AgTM, Aquacel Ag®, Atrauma Ag®, Mepilex Ag
    Silver dressings
  • Hydroactive dressings e.g. Cutinova HydroTM, BiataneTM, TielleTM, Tenderwet Active®
    Hydroactive dressings
  • Polysaccharide iodine e.g. IodosorbTM
    Polysaccharide iodine
  • Povidone iodine solution e.g. BetadineTM
    Povidone iodone solution
  • Hypertonic saline e.g. MesaltTM, CurasaltTM
    Hypertonic saline

Advisory Statement

NB the products listed on this chart are examples only. Some items are available via the Repatriation Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and some items require prior approval. Advice can be sought from VAPAC 1800 552 580 regarding eligibility and supply via prescription.


Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) acknowledges Monash University and Associate Professor Geoff Sussman OAM in developing and producing the previous versions of the DVA Wound Care Module.

DVA acknowledges Associate Professor Geoff Sussman OAM in developing this revised edition in consultation and review with fellow members of the Advisory Wound Care Committee: Associate Professor Michael Woodward AM (Chair) and Ms Judith Barker.

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