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New-look card shows veteran support

Sample image of 8 of the DVA Health Cards

Wednesday, 13 November 2019 — The familiar Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) health cards, also known as the DVA Gold Card, White Card and Orange Card, are getting a makeover.

The new-look Veteran Card is part of a broader Australian Defence Veterans’ Covenant that acknowledges the unique nature of military service and the contribution of veterans and their families.

The Covenant is supported by the Veteran Card, Lapel Pin and Oath. These provide opportunities for Australians to identify veterans when they are not in uniform or wearing their medals, and offer respect to them and their family. Employers, businesses, local community groups and the broader Australian public are able to commit their support for the Covenant.

Regardless of the new design, the Veteran Card will continue to provide access to the same benefits card holders are eligible for using their existing DVA health cards. The Veteran Card will also retain the current Gold, White and Orange colouring consistent with the old health cards.

Your current service provision and processing will remain unchanged. There are no changes to DVA client health entitlements or arrangements for health providers who treat DVA clients, including the Provider Notes rules on advertising and promotional activity’.

The existing health cards are being progressively replaced as part of a phased replacement program.

To find out more about the Veteran Card or the Australian Defence Veterans’ Covenant, visit or email DVA at

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