Report of the Review of Veterans’ Entitlements (Clarke Report)

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Preliminaries, Executive Summary and Recommendations (PDF 399Kb)
Chapters 1-4 (PDF 291Kb)
Chapters 5-6 (PDF 254Kb)
Chapters 7-8 (PDF 449Kb)
Appendices 1-8 (PDF 392Kb)

Volume 2

Chapters 9-12 (PDF 425Kb)
Chapters 13-15 (PDF 479Kb)
Chapters 16-18 (PDF 636Kb)
Chapters 19-22 (PDF 494Kb)
Appendices 9-10 (PDF 187Kb)

Volume 3

Chapters 23-28 (PDF 403Kb)
Chapter 29 (PDF 267Kb)
Chapters 30-31 (PDF 443Kb)
Appendices 11-13 (PDF 598Kb)
Appendices 14-15 (PDF 297Kb)
Appendix 16 (part 1, A16.1 tp A16.14) (PDF 486Kb)
Appendix 16 (part 2, A16.15 to A16.28). Appendix 17 (PDF 493Kb)
Abbreviations and Acronyms, Glossary of Terms, Bibliography (PDF 333Kb)
Index (PDF 226Kb)