British Commonwealth Occupation Force (BCOF) - Independent review of historical evidence

As part of the 2010 Budget, the Government deferred finalisation of a recommendation from the 2003 Review of Veterans’ Entitlements which related to the reclassification of service with BCOF.

The Government requested that an independent review be conducted of the historical evidence and its interpretation by DVA and Defence, and a noted expert in veterans’ entitlements law was engaged. This expert report supported the view that BCOF service should not be considered qualifying service under the Veterans’ Entitlements Act 1986 and that members of BCOF were not entitled to qualifying service and related benefits based on their BCOF service alone.

The report concluded that the historical evidence relating to BCOF service indicated that it does not meet the applicable eligibility conditions as it was not rendered in a ‘theatre of war’ and there was no promise by the Government of the time of service pension entitlement outside of the criteria that then applied.

Copy of the BCOF Report (PDF 198 KB) (Word 173 KB