Pension types and rates

Pension types

A range of pensions are available depending on your circumstances. Pensions available through the Department of Veterans' Affairs include:

  • Disability pension
  • Service pension
  • War widows pension and orphans pension
  • Income support supplement
  • Special Rate Disability Pension (MRCA)
  • Age pension

Pension rates

Most pensions are indexed in March and September each year with reference to changes in the cost of living and male total average weekly earnings (MTAWE).

Read a snapshot of the main rates or download a complete list of payment rates (Excel 117 KB) or continue reading for detailed information on pensions.

Details of current pension rates relating to Service Pension, Age Pension, Income Support Supplement and Disability Pensions can be found in the Factsheet:

IS30 Pension rates, limits and allowances (PDF 107Kb)

Details of current pension rates relating to compensation benefits that may be payable under the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004 (MRCA) can be found in the Factsheet:

MRC04 Compensation payment rates (PDF 92Kb)


You may be eligible for a supplement payment to assist with the cost of prescriptions, rates, telephone and internet connections, energy, water and sewerage.

These supplement payments are:

  • pension supplement,
  • seniors supplement;
  • veterans supplement; and
  • MRCA supplement.

Information about the supplement payments is available online.


Information about eligibility and how to make a claim is available online.

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Detailed information about pensions, allowances and other payments can be found in You and Your Pension

The Government is revisiting recommendations of the Clarke Review of Veterans' Entitlements that were not acted upon implemented by the previous government.