Pensioner concession card

Pensioner concession cards (PCCs) are issued by DVA to all:

  • service pensioners
  • age pensioners who receive their pension through DVA
  • war widows and widowers receiving an income support supplement.

Your PCC is proof that you receive a means tested pension and are eligible to receive certain concessions. The PCC is issued when you are granted any of the above pensions. It is issued during October–November for each new year while you continue to be eligible for the pension. Your DVA PCC has the same status as a PCC issued by Centrelink and will give you the same concessions.

Many state governments and local councils also offer concessions to residents. Check with your local council to find out more about other concessions in your area.

Pensioner concession card


See Factsheet: IS125 Pensioner concession card (PCC) (PDF 32KB)

More information on concessions in each state and territory can be found in the Benefits and services > State and local council section of this site. 

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