VVCS - a service founded by Vietnam veteransWhat services does the VVCS provide?

VVCS can provide you with:

  • individual, couple and family counselling
  • after-hours crisis telephone counselling via Veterans Line
  • case management services
  • group programs for common mental health issues – anxiety, depression, sleep and anger
  • psycho-educational programs for couples including a residential lifestyle management program
  • 'Stepping Out', a 2-day ‘transition’ program for ADF members and their partners preparing to leave the military
  • 'Changing the Mix'– a self-paced alcohol reduction correspondence program – to register call 1800 1808 68
  • Resources – information, education and self-help resources

We can help you work through issues such as stress, relationship, family problems and other lifestyle issues as well as emotional or psychological issues associated with your military service.