VVCS - a service founded by Vietnam veteransEligibility explained

The following people can use VVCS:

  • Australian veterans of all conflicts, deployed peacekeepers, and F-111 fuel tank maintenance workers
  • Partners and dependent children (under 26 years of age) of veterans with issues arising from the veteran’s service
  • War widows and widowers
  • Ex-partners of Vietnam veterans, within five years of separation
  • Sons and daughters of Vietnam veterans, regardless of age, with issues relating to their parent’s operational or warlike service
  • Sons and daughters of F-111 fuel tank maintenance workers, regardless of age, with issues relating to their parent’s operational service
  • All participants in the Veterans’ Vocational Rehabilitation Scheme (VVRS) as defined under the VEA PartVI Section 115A.
  • Ex-ADF personnel with a mental health condition as a DVA-accepted disability and their dependent family members where the issue is related to the disability
  • Current serving members of the ADF who have been formally referred by the ADF under the 2008 Agreement for Services

Note: DVA entitlement is not required to access services.

Note: People with an interest or concern for a veteran’s welfare are not eligible for service but can seek advice from VVCS.

Note: Where a current client is no longer eligible for VVCS services, they may be given 3-6 months to complete the current episode of care before service is terminated and referral to another service is considered. 

If you have any questions regarding your eligibility to access VVCS services contact your nearest centre on 1800 011 046.