Service Model/Mix Review

In 2010 the VVCS - Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service commissioned a review, called the ‘Service Mix Review’ (SMR). 

The SMR was conducted by independent consultants Sue Belsham and Associates, and the SMR was managed by a steering group which included the Chair of the VVCS National Advisory Committee (NAC), Dr Tony Austin. 

The development of the report included analysis of responses to questionnaires provided to stakeholders including Ex-Service Organisations and VVCS clients, as well as a series of 19 focus groups conducted across all states and territories except WA and SA.  The draft report was considered by both the NAC and VVCS. 

A copy of the final report, as well as the response by the Department and VVCS, is attached. The report contains 27 recommendations, 26 of which have been fully or partially accepted.

The then Minister for Veterans Affairs, the Hon Warren Snowdon, MP, was advised of the outcomes of the SMR and agreed to the Departmental and VVCS response. 

VVCS has already commenced implementation of some of the recommendations.  Implementation of other recommendations will commence in the coming months.