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eHealth logo - a bright orange styalised "E" designed to look like a person holding a file.

From July 2012, veterans and war widow/ers seeking healthcare in Australia can register for a Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record - an eHealth record. An eHealth record is an electronic summary of your key health information that, with your consent, can be shared with your healthcare providers.

Once registered, you will be able to enter your emergency contact details and your own health related notes. Over time, you will be able to share your eHealth record with your providers if they are registered in the system. Over the coming months as the system grows and more healthcare providers participate, more information can be entered such as your immunisations, medications dispensed, and event summaries such as doctor and hospital visits.

Benefits to the veteran community

The eHealth system is expected to deliver benefits to the veteran community including:

  • better coordination of health care, particularly for veterans with chronic conditions and complex health needs;
  • having key health information available at all times could be potentially life-saving and will mean improved management of patients’ medicines, diagnostic and treatment records; and
  • when veterans are travelling or can’t see their usual health care provider they won’t need to remember or repeat their medical history, medications and test results because it will all be there on their eHealth record.

How do I register

The Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA) is responsible for implementing the eHealth record system. You can register for your eHealth record in person at a DHS Service Centre (Medicare Office) or by submitting a paper application.

For more information

Further information about the eHealth record is available on the eHealth website at

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