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Victorian Men’s Health Peer Education Page

About Victorian MHPE

Currently, there are 12 volunteers throughout Victoria. The volunteers are involved in local Ex-Service Organisations and many also have other volunteering roles.

9 Men standing in a line wearing MHPE shirts

About the MHPE Volunteers

The Victorian volunteers provide peer to peer support to veterans and other men in the community.  The volunteers focus is on promoting health and wellbeing. The volunteers:

  • Deliver health presentations to veteran community groups
  • ·Distribute health Information to the veteran community;
  • ·Get involved in Veterans’ Health Week activities;
  • ·Distribute the National MHPE magazine;

As part of the support offered to MHPE volunteers, DVA conducts facilitated Recall Training each year.  Recall Training provides volunteers with new information on health topics and networking opportunities. Volunteers receive regular updates through the MHPE National magazine and associated newsletters.

Volunteer Profile

Alan White - MHPE Volunteer RepresentativeAlan White smiling for the camera

Alan White, also a Vietnam veteran, has been involved in the program since the beginning and was part of the first training group in Vic in 2001. Currently Alan is the Volunteer Representative. Alan is a previous committee member of the RAAF Vietnam Veterans' Association and previous board member of the RAAF Association (Vic).

Alan welcomes direct contact from the veteran community. Alan states the following:

"Keeping fit healthy and active is a priority for me; with walking, bike riding and swimming. I’m lucky to live fifteen minutes from the beach, so for me a dip in the bay is a great start to my day. Leading by example is a good way to demonstrate health and wellness when talking to groups.  This also means having balance in my life; getting out to socialise by meeting friends for coffee, movies and allowing myself to have time out. Relaxing can be difficult, but Im working on it!"

Who to contact

For enquiries about the VIC MHPE program, contact DVA VIC MHPE Coordinator.

If you would like to speak to a Victorian volunteer, contact the VIC MHPE Volunteer Representatives below:

VIC MHPE Metro Volunteer Representative

Alan White
Mobile: 0407 617 800

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