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Queensland Men’s Health Peer Education Page

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About Queensland MHPE

There are 70 – 80 MHPE volunteers in Queensland. This includes approximately 5-10 new volunteers trained each year, taking over from other volunteers who have chosen to leave the programme for various reasons.

The majority of volunteers are located in South East Queensland (i.e. Brisbane, Sunshine or Gold Coast), however, a significant number of volunteers are also located in major regional centres such as Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, Gladstone and the Wide Bay and Darling Downs regions. Indigenous volunteers are also amongst our volunteer team, based in Brisbane, Cairns and Thursday Island.

Volunteers receive ongoing support from a number of sources. In addition to the National MHPE magazine, QLD volunteers also receive a National and State newsletter which keeps them in touch with local happenings and updates on the program.

Volunteer representatives, both at the state and regional level, are also available to provide ongoing support and mentoring – particularly for new volunteers. See who to contact for further information.

News and Events

Queensland volunteer involvement in activities or events which promote Men’s Health include:

  • various health expos
  • pit-stop (health screening)
  • presentations to small groups
  • contributing articles to local ESO newsletters
  • informal chats with mates, encouraging a proactive approach to looking after their health.

Significant events volunteers have taken part in to promote the Men’s Health message have included:

  • Amberley Air Shows; Oakey Fly-In; Leyburn Motor Sprints events
  • Men’s Shed National Conferences
  • Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia National Conference, and
  • DVA’s annual major health promotion event – Veterans’ Health Week

Targeted promotion of MHPE, including canvassing for potential new volunteers, is conducted on an ad-hoc basis and new volunteers are welcome in all areas.

Volunteer training in Queensland

Training for new volunteers is usually held at the Brisbane DVA each year. The training provides volunteers with:

  • background to the program’s concepts, and understanding of future directions;
  • an outline of volunteer roles and responsibilities, and relevant skills training;
  • information on a range of key men’s health topics, and resources available.

Training was most recently undertaken in February 2016. Please contact the QLD MHPE Coordinator about future training opportunities if you think you might be interested.

“Recall days” are annual refresher training for current volunteers and are also conducted in a number of regional locations every year. These are usually held mid-year across Queensland regions. Potential new volunteers can be invited to these recall days as an observer to get a feel for what’s involved.

Who to contact

QLD MHPE Co-Ordinator:
Melissa Bristowe-Browne
Phone: (07) 3223 8715


QLD MHPE Volunteer Representative:
Kevin Moss


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