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Men's Health Peer Education

The Men's Health Peer Education (MHPE) program raises awareness about men's health issues and encourages men to share responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.

The program began as a result of the Vietnam Veterans' Health Study revealing a higher rate of health issues among Vietnam Veterans. The program operates across all Australian states and territories, through a network of trained volunteers working with the veteran and ex-service community.

Sharing health information

Volunteers share health information in a range of ways, including the following:

  • giving a talk on a health issue at an ex-service organisation meeting
  • setting up or working with a 'Men's Shed'
  • running a stand at a community expo, field day or health conference
  • organising or supporting a Veterans’ Health Week and/or International Men's Health Week event
  • distributing the MHPE Magazine and other health resources
  • chatting about health issues to a mate at a barbeque
  • encouraging and supporting veterans to participate in DVA Health Promotion initiatives such as Pit Stop training, the Cooking for one or two program and 10,000 Steps Challenge

MHPE online

The Men's Health Peer Education program provides the following online resources:

Men's Health Peer Education Magazine

The latest issue of Men's Health Peer Education Magazine is available online or you can order a free copy of the magazine by completing the following order form and emailing it to DVA's men's health.

The MHPE Magazine is published twice a year. Each issue covers a topical health theme with articles contributed by health professionals, DVA staff and MHPE volunteers.

Health quiz

To help you manage your health and wellbeing we have also developed a quick health quiz and health information guide available via the following link:

DVA MHPE coordinators

For specific information about Men's Health Peer Education in your state or territory, contact the relevant DVA MHPE Coordinator provided in the following table:

DVA MHPE Coordinators
State/territory coordinators Location Phone number Email address
QLD DVA MHPE Coordinator DVA Brisbane 07 3223 8715
WA DVA MHPE Coordinator DVA Perth 08 9366 8591
VIC DVA MHPE Coordinator DVA Melbourne 03 9284 6285
03 9284 6729
TAS DVA MPHE Coordinator DVA Hobart 03 6221 6735
NT DVA MHPE Coordinator DVA Darwin 08 8935 1426
SA DVA MHPE Coordinator DVA Adelaide 08 8290 0301
NSW & ACT DVA MHPE Coordinator DVA Sydney 02 9213 7661

DVA MHPE Coordinators can also be contacted by contacting DVA.

If contacting by mail, send to:

MHPE State/ Territory Coordinator
Department Veterans' Affairs
GPO Box 9998
Brisbane QLD 4001

Acknowledgements and permissions

DVA undertakes regular reviews of the MHPE pages to ensure the accuracy of the health education information supplied. Any decision about personal health requirements should be taken in conjunction with professional medical advice.

DVA thanks Mr David Moles, Vietnam Veteran and Chairman of the Tasmanian pilot project, for his help in setting up the national Men's Health Peer Education program. DVA is grateful to all health care providers and organisations that have assisted MHPE by providing health education material and expert advice.

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