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Dose Administration Aid Service

What is a DAA?

A Dose Administration Aid (DAA) is a container used to help you organise your medicines, labelled to show you the day, and when in the day, you should take them. Your DAA is packed for you by your Community Pharmacist; and your GP and pharmacist together monitor your use of the DAA.

DVA strongly recommends that your doctor refers you to your pharmacist for a Home Medicines Review before you commence using a DAA. In a Home Medicines Review your pharmacist will assess your medication use and the suitability of a DAA. However, DVA understands that not all veterans will have access to this service and your GP may decide to prescribe a DAA for you without this review.

Who can use the DAA Service?

You are eligible for a DAA if you hold a Gold, White or Orange Repatriation Card. You must also be living in the community and not residing in a Residential Care Facility, hostel or hospital.

How to use the DAA Service

Step 1 – At your request, your GP prescribes a DAA Service to last six months.

Step 2 - Your pharmacist packs your DAA weekly and provides information on how to use it.

Step 3 - You collect your DAA from the pharmacy each week. If you are unable to collect your DAA, someone else may collect it for you, or your pharmacy may deliver it to you.

Step 4 - Your pharmacist will conduct a six month review to assess if you need extra help or information to use your DAA safely.

DAA steps

More information

For more information about the DAA Service:

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