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Review of SAS Veterans' Health Concerns

The Report of the Expert Panel to Review SAS Veterans’ Health Concerns and the Government's response were released in March 2004. The health study was initiated in December 2002 to identify and document exposures of concern arising through Special Air Services (SAS) operational skills enhancement and training, and to examine their possible adverse effects. The Review also considered the need for further research and whether any particular matters should be drawn to the attention of the Repatriation Medical Authority (RMA).

An independent Expert Panel conducted the study. The Panel was chaired by Professor Ken Donald, who was also Chairman of the Repatriation Medical Authority, and included experts in the fields of toxicology and genetics.

Final Report of the Expert Panel to Review SAS Veterans’ Health Concerns

December 2003

Ministers Vale and Brough released this comprehensive review of the possible health effects of SAS service.

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Table of Contents

Body of Report
Appendice of SAS report
Appendix Details
Appendix A (PDF 472 KB)
Appendix A (DOC 5 MB)
Lead (33 pages)
Appendix B (PDF 2.5 MB)
Appendix B (DOC 19.2 MB)
National Occupation Health & Safety Commission (NOHSC) - Control of Inorganic Lead at Work (43 pages)
Appendix C (PDF 539 KB)
Appendix C (DOC 7.8 MB)
Letter received from western diagnostics concerning blood lead level testing (5 pages)
Appendix D (PDF 452 KB)
Appendix D (DOC 10.7 MB)
CS (60 pages)
Appendix E (PDF 982 KB)
Appendix E (PDF 14.9 MB)
Smoke and masking agents (78 pages)
Appendix F (PDF 125 KB)
Appendix F (DOC 245 KB)
Letter  to the Minister concerning smoke and masking agents (2 pages)
Appendix G (PDF 1.9 MB)
Appendix G (PDF 8.1 MB)
Letters received from the SASR concerning smoke grenades (27 pages)
Appendix H (PDF 139 KB)
Appendix H (PDF 402 KB)
Detection and significance of genetic abnormalities (4 pages)
Appendix I (PDF 85 KB)
Appendix I (DOC 152 KB)
Letter to the repatriation commissioner concerning genetics tests on former members of the SASR (2 pages)
Appendix J (PDF 251 KB)
Appendix J (DOC 701 KB)
Summary table of smoking and drinking prevalence in military and veteran populations (6 pages)
Appendix K (PDF 251 KB)
Appendix K (PDF 1 MB)
Statements of principles relevant to the terms of reference (7 pages)
Appendix L (PDF 508 KB)
Appendix L (DOC 4.5 MB)
References (40 pages)
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