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Mortality and Cancer Incidence in Australian Vietnam Veterans Studies

Cancer incidence in Vietnam veterans study 2005 - cover imageThe following three reports in a series of studies of mortality and cancer incidence in Australian Vietnam veterans were released on September 5th 2006:

The reports were produced by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs with the assistance of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

A fourth report in the series was released on 26 September 2007:

The series of studies, commissioned by the Repatriation Commission, was undertaken in response to a recommendation of the 1997 Mortality of Vietnam Veterans: The Veteran Cohort Study, which was to monitor the mortality of Vietnam veterans and repeat the study after 2000.

Each of the four completed reports can stand alone as a complete study. However, the first three volumes should be taken together for a more thorough understanding of the mortality and cancer incidence of this cohort of Australian Vietnam veterans and an Overarching Executive Summary has been produced to assist in understanding . The fourth volume investigates a specific aspect of Vietnam service, that is the exposure to an anti-malarial drug, Dapsone.

The reports and their overarching summary are available at Overarching Executive Summary (PDF 3 MB) .

See further: FAQs for the Vietnam Veterans mortality and cancer incidence studies (DOC 28 KB)

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